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Solar Cell Motor Kit Power a Dazzling Spinning Disc ...

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  • 10 years ago
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With this Solar Science Kit, you'll discover the principles of PHOTOVOLTAICS (PV), turning light into electricity. Power your own dazzling spinning disc just by using light. PV is used to power space today, and clean abundant power for the future. Expose the cell to bright light and like magic the motor comes to life! The Solar Science Kit is fun and exciting and you'll discover the answers to many interesting solar science questions along the way such as "Is there solar energy available during cloudy weather?" Children are amazed at the simplicity of the components and the colors created by the sparkling disc. This solar cell motor solar science kit was designed to help you explore solar science questions and to learn about the abundant power of solar energy!

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Some of the questions which can be explored with this kit are:

How can energy be transformed from light to electricity to motion?
What uses are there for direct use of a PV (PhotoVoltaic) module and a motor? (hint - water pumping, ventiliation)
What forms of storage are available for PV energy?
Can PV be used to charge batteries? How is this done? How large can the batteries be?
Is there a relationship between LIGHT and HEAT?
Is there solar energy available during cloudy weather?
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