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Something in the Way Guitar Lesson - Nirvana

GuitarLessons365Song Follow
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  • 6 years ago
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This lesson is gonna be a quick one. Even if this Nirvana acoustic classic may be simple to play, man is it a great song.

In this Something In The Way guitar lesson video I will show you how to play this Nirvana acoustic classic in it's entirety. Seeing that the entire song only uses two chords, that shouldn't take very long. :)

But just as nothing in life is as easy as it seems, we do have one thing to contend with before learning "Something In The Way" and that is getting into the proper tuning.

Kurt Cobain used dropped "C" tuning for this one in order to get that really full sound out of just one acoustic guitar.

So you will need to tune your guitar starting from the 6th string C G C F A D. I know this can be a difficult tuning to get some guitars into so just do the best you can. :)

As for the lesson itself, we will first start with a look at the verse. It contains two simple power chords played in a very laid back and sparse rhythm. I will demonstrate the strumming pattern here so you can easily get into the slow groove of the song.

The strumming picks up into a more 8th note feel during the chorus. Kurt Cobain is still using the same chords as before except during the chorus he adds a couple more strings to the low C power to create a larger sound.

When listening to the chorus you may think that there should be another chord between he E and C power chords, however, that is simply a bass line that is going on underneath the E and C power that create the allusion that there is a chord change there. But Cobain himself never ventures away from the basic E to C power progression.

So if you got about 3 minutes, spend them learning this fantastic acoustic song by Nirvana! Enjoy!

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