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Sonic Adventure DX: All Boss Fights (1080p)

InbetweenGamer Follow
  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
Every boss fight in Sonic Adventure.

Sonic Vs Chaos 0
E-102 Gamma Vs E-101 Beta
Sonic Vs Dr Eggman (Egg Hornet)
Tails Vs Dr Eggman (Egg Hornet)
Knuckles Vs Chaos 2
Sonic Vs Knuckles
Tails Vs Knuckles
Knuckles Vs Sonic
Sonic Vs Chaos 4
Tails Vs Chaos 4
Knuckles Vs Chaos 4
Sonic Vs E-102 Gamma
Tails Vs E-102 Gamma
E-102 Gamma Vs Sonic
Big Vs Chaos 6
Sonic Vs Chaos 6
Knuckles Vs Chaos 6
E-102 Gamma Vs E-103 Delta
E-102 Gamma Vs E-104 Epsilon
E-102 Gamma Vs E-105 Zeta
E-102 Gamma Vs E-101 Beta MK II
Amy Vs Zero
Tails Vs Dr Eggman (Egg Walker)
Sonic Vs Dr Eggman (Egg Viper)
Super Sonic Vs Perfect Chaos

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