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Sonic Adventure DX: E-102 Gamma's Story 100% (1080p)

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  • 6 years ago
E-102 Gamma's Story

Dr. Eggman introduces himself to the second robot in the E-100 series, E-102 Gamma, who awakens. His training involves Gamma seeking and searing the Sonic doll in Final Egg. After that, Eggman introduces Gamma to his older brother, E-101 Beta, and pits them to a small duel. Gamma achieves victory, but Beta boards the Egg Carrier for repairs and an upgrade. The fortress flies off into the skies.

A moment later, Eggman announces to Gamma and his younger brothers, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon and E-105 Zeta, to find and capture Froggy, who's been driven insane by Chaos' tail and has eaten a Chaos Emerald. Gamma heads to the Emerald Coast, grabs Froggy and is about to return when a blinding flash takes him back in time. He tries to figure his location, but it doesn't work. He heads to the alter and lowers his cannon at the presence of the Chao. Tikal rushes to their aid, but she realizes Gamma's not part of the Knuckles clan and gives him some helpful information about the Chaos Emeralds, the Chao and their draconian protector, Chaos, before Gamma reverts to his time.

After that, Gamma and his brothers argue over whose frog is the one, but stop when Eggman walks in. Irritated, Eggman tells them that the frog he wants is crazed, has Chaos's tail and even ate a chaos emerald... but settles when he spots Froggy in Gamma's hands. He proudly congratulates Gamma for his capture and dismisses Delta, Epsilon and Zeta for their idiotic failure. He then tells Gamma to find the bird with Amy, then departs. Gamma accidentally gets into the wrong room, where he spots Beta being repaired and upgraded. He quickly gets to the dungeon where he encounters Amy and the bird (named Lily in Sonic X), and attempts to persuade her to give him the bird. Amy persistently ignores his orders and tells him that love isn't part of his programing, which Gamma angrily replies that she knows something that she shouldn't know. Then the bird flies to Gamma and looks him straight in his eyes. Agitated, Gamma orders them to flee by opening her cell, then heads to the attendance room, where Eggman orders him to get the jet booster from the ammunition room. After that, Gamma heads to the main bridge of the Egg Carrier and engages Sonic in battle. Just as he is about to sear Sonic to ash, Amy interferes. She tells him to remember her and says that he should ditch Eggman, much to Sonic's surprise. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is about to lose altitude. Sonic races off after Eggman, while Amy says that she and Gamma be friends. He asks why she's helping him, and she replies that friends always help one another. Gamma, Tails and Amy escape as the Egg Carrier self-destructs and crashes into the Great Sea.

Searching his files, Gamma realizes Amy's words and decides to go 'rogue', beginning his own quest to find and save his brothers. He finds a switch to Windy Valley, explores it completely, spots Delta and battles him. Following this, He heads to Red Mountain, goes in the magma chamber of one volcano, finds Epsilon and defeats him. After that, he realizes Zeta and Beta are on the Egg Carrier and heads towards it via canoe. Gamma enters the Attendance Room and opens the doors to the Hot Shelter lair, where he goes through its tunnels and spots Zeta, who has transformed into a large cylinder-like monster. Gamma engages in battle, sears Zeta's head off and gets out of the Hot Shelter. He gets out of the Attendance room and spots Beta flying towards a field. He heads to it and engages him in battle.
After a long battle, Beta crashes to the ground. Gamma walks over, but Beta shoots him at point-blank range in the face, sending him back. Beta self-destructs and releases a bird, just 20 seconds before Gamma does the same. This brings a tragic end to Gamma, but he has set all the animals free and accomplished his duty.

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