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Sonic Adventure DX: Sonic The Hedgehog's Story 100% ...

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  • 6 years ago
Sonic The Hedgehog's Story

In Station Square, Sonic witnesses a stand-off between a police force (possibly G.U.N.) and Chaos, a water monster. The police retreat, except for one officer, who stands there with his pistol. Sonic battles Chaos and he defeats it, but nothing could stop him escaping through a drain before Sonic gets answers.

The next day, Tails is testing a new plane, which he reveals to be powered by a Chaos Emerald, but he spins out of control and crashes. Sonic and Tails travel to the workshop, however, Eggman distracts them by showing up in the Egg Hornet. He was defeated but he could still steal the Chaos Emerald that they had, and reveals Chaos, the monster Sonic fought earlier. He explains that every time he gives Chaos one of the Chaos Emeralds, its power will be absorbed by Chaos.

Sonic and Tails counter Eggman's plans by getting all the Chaos Emeralds. They head to Windy Valley and Casinopolis, so they find two, but unfortunately, they drop them, and one of them is taken by Eggman, so they go to Icecap in the Mystic Ruins, to find another one. However, they run into Knuckles, who believes Sonic has retrieved some of the Master Emerald's shards. Then the two fight, and they drop BOTH emeralds. Eggman seizes his opportunity, and he takes the Chaos Emeralds and gives them to Chaos, who evolves into Chaos 4. They fight him in the pond, and after defeating him, Sonic and Tails chase after Eggman, but the Tornado loses its wing in the process. Sonic lands in Station Square, where he runs into Amy, who asks that he help her protect "Birdie".

However, Amy is kidnapped by ZERO, and Sonic chases. She is taken to the Egg Carrier, and Sonic chases on foot. Tails shows up with a remastered Tornado, powered by a Chaos Emerald. They give chase, land on the Egg Carrier and go through it in its transformed state, Sky Deck. They find Eggman, but he leaves once he has taken the Chaos Emerald from the bird. Amy prevents Sonic from destroying E-102. Sonic tells Tails to take Amy to safety while he chases Eggman.

He finds Eggman, who has given Chaos two more emeralds for a total of six. Chaos 6 appears right in front of them, and Sonic almost defeats Chaos when Eggman leaves. Sonic leaves Chaos at Knuckles' mercy, and follows Eggman. However, he mistimes his jump and lands in the jungles of the ruins. While exploring some of them, (Lost World), he's taken back in time, to a point in time when Tikal and the shrine are under attack. Before he can learn anything, he is returned to the present. He follows Eggman into his main base, Final Egg, and they have one last fight. After defeating him, Sonic and Tails take another break. Sonic saved the day once again.

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