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SPACE JAM: Come on and SLAM 20th Anniversary! | LORE...

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  • 3 years ago
Chad Quandt welcomes you to the jam (if you wanna) for the 20th Anniversary of the release of Space Jam - the film that brought us all dreams of basketball superstardom… and Lola Bunny.
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Written & Voiced by Chad Quandt:

Animated by digsBot:


It is 1993 and Michael Jordan the greatest athlete to ever grace the game of Basketball. But at the height of his ability, Jordan steps down to fulfill his late father's only unfulfilled dream: to see his son play professional baseball. Yup. Jordan jumps past every part of the MLB drafting process and is placed on the Birmingham Barons. Surprisingly, Jordan isn't very good. People come out to games, just hoping that he'll touch a basketball accidentally.

Meanwhile, out in the vastness of space is a struggling intergalactic amusement park: Moron Mountain. Needing to get customers excited again about the park, its owner Mr. Swackhammer, decides to send his minion Nerdlucks to enslave the best, funniest, most wholesome entertainment possible: The Looney Tunes. The Nerdlucks' superior technology allows them to quickly overpower the Toons. Seeing the Nerdlucks’ short stature, the Tunes unofficial leader Bugs Bunny, challenges the aliens to a basketball game for their freedom. You probably see where this is going.

The Nerdlucks steal the power of several NBA players to mutate into unstoppable dunking machines. Needing a ringer on their own side, Bugs kidnaps Michael Jordan during one of his relaxing golf games, accompanied by his publicist Stan, Larry Bird, and Bill Murray. Yupppp. Now a captive of the toons, MJ must beat the Nerdlucks in basketball to free these cartoon characters and... believe that he can indeed fly.

Have fun!

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