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Spanish FOOD TOUR at Traditional CATALAN Market - Me...

Davidsbeenhere Follow
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  • 6 months ago
When I traveled to Spain and Italy with my family in November of 2019, we had a blast exploring together. But during my time in Barcelona, I carved out some time to explore a traditional Catalan market. Come along with me on my epic Spanish food tour at Mercat del Ninot in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain!

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Zoltan Nagy: http://zoltanagy.com/

I began my Spanish food tour at Mercat del Ninot on a beautiful morning in Barcelona. It’s run by local families and offers some of the freshest food imaginable! I’d be exploring with my boy Zoltan from Food Lover Tour, a Spanish tour company that conducts tours in eight different cities.

First, Zoltan and I started with jamon iberico, or Iberian ham. The ham is very oily and fine cut. You eat it with Manchego cheese, which is thick, salty, and dense. I could really taste the difference between the good quality ham and the lesser quality.

Then, Zoltan told me about how the different booths have the family names on them. This way, customers know the origins of each place they visit, which is better for business.

He took me to Ribera, which has been in service for four generations and sells about 30 varieties of olives from all over Spain. Spain is the #1 producer of olives in the world!

We got some olives and then headed to Bar el David del Ninot, which sells pulpo (octopus), callos (intestines), caracoles (snails) with chorizo, and more. First, I tried our olives, which were super flavorful and bursting with oil.

Then, I went for the callos, which was nice and fatty. I loved the mix of organ meat. It’s a hearty winter stew that’s great with bread. The various organ meats are spongy, flavorful, fatty, and gelatinous. It’s great hangover food!

Then, we tried some wine from Terra Alta in Catalunya. It’s made from smooth, soft Mediterranean grapes that have hints of berries and forest fruits.

After that, I moved on to the caracoles and chorizo. I loved the combination of the hearty meat with the soft, spongy snails. They’re so tasty and super fresh!

After that, we headed to Ous de Calaf. The vendor is from a town called Calaf, which focuses on eggs. You can buy chicken, goose, quail, emu, and ostrich eggs!

As we continued on, we saw fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, and other seasonal fare. Everything here is fresh, seasonal, and never frozen.

Then, Zoltan took me to Bacallaneria Perelló, which has been in business since 1898! We tried some vermouth, which is white wine put in barrels with botanicals and local herbs. It tasted like sangria, but with a bit of a medicinal flavor.

After the vermouth, I went for the pan tomaca and put an anchovy on top. I got a delicious burst of tomato in the bread, and the cold sardine with lemon, lime, and orange added such a different and delicious flavor.

Then, I went with the fresh and healthy bacalao salad and the bacalao fritters, which were pure cod fish and had very little batter on it. Next, we had some cava, or Catalan sparkling wine, and then I finished my last anchovy.

After that, we got some grilled octopus from Galicia. I loved the grilled charcoal flavor on the outside and buttery and tender inside. It’s my favorite dish in Spain!

We finished up our tour with chucho, which are flaky, cylindrical pastries stuffed with cream. The sugar on top and the burst of cream were incredible. They only cost 1.50 €. We enjoyed them with some cava. What an incredible way to end our food tour!

I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my Spanish food tour at Mercat del Ninot in Barcelona, Spain! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures!

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