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Star Citizen - Concept Sales & Variants Before New Year

BoredGamer Follow
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  • 4 years ago
What Concept Sales & Variants do we have to look forward to after PAX Australia and the latest sales? There is loads to come so strap in!

In addition to the rest it looks like we may also get a Hangar ready Banu MM soon too, but this is likely to be early 2015, we can always dream!

Carrack Concept has been confirmed to be the next Concept Sale
The Anvil Carrack is going to be one of the High End Explorer/Pathfinder ships, it is going to come with Scanners, High End Jump Drive, Extra Fuel Tanks & it's also Features on-board accommodations to allow for truly self-sufficient flight, including crew medical and repair facilities, and a mapping-oriented sensor suite capable of always charting a route home!
So this is probably going to be a medium sized 4 man ship, It's going to have lots of engines & really high tier equipment as standard.
The Specs page currently says it can carry 230 Freight Units, now this is likly to change but we can expect that it will have more than enough cargo space for an Explorer. I expect it will be around the $250 mark and is a great choice for a Multi-Crew Ship that you want to Explore long distance with. If I can put a Rover in it, then I may buy one myself!

Orion Concept
This is a Mining Platform Solution from RSI it is going to be a big 8 Crew Beast with loads of Tractor Beams & Mining Equipment
She will be Capital Ship Sized with a few Defensive Measures, but if you like the idea of chilling out and Mining then this is your Dream come true
I would expect a Price tag of $400 - But she will make you a lot of in game money if used correctly & I see the opitunity to run some labs or pirate base out of her too.

Hull C Concept
Now I am really excited about the Hull C - It is a GIANT Transport ships with a current listed Cargo capacity of 9000 Freight Units. This Rig is going to make you some serious Trade Money in game but are you going to the most delicious target for Pirates? Big Ship, LOTS of Engines this looks to be a 5 Crew Stations job. Also it is going to be perfect for Smugglers as the Hull C has hidden compartments and the like all over! I would expect it to be around the $500 mark - And I would bring an escort if you plan to fly it :p

Now we move onto some Variants that are near completion
Mustang & Variants
The Mustang is one of the Starter ships in game and looks to be faster and more combat orintated than the Aurora - We can expect a few Variants that I think will be similar to what the Auroras variants are but probably leaning towards Combat. I would expect we will see similar pricing to the Auroras too.

Avenger Variants - Tho Ben from CIG recently said that these are likly to be next year now
And possibly what I am most excited about Avenger Variants
The Avenger is my fav ship, I love the look & idea behind it. Speed & a Big Gun, while providing a multi-role jack of all trades platform to kind of do anything in the Verse. We are likly to see a very combaty variant, possibly a faster more mobile or racing one and maybe even a missile boat! I would expect as upgrades these variants will be in the range of $20 - 40

Remember guys if you back ships in the concept phase you are getting them at their lowest cash cost & with LTI
I must state tho that I believe LTI is totally unnessacary and it is much more worth buying a better ship if you have the money, that said the collector in me wants LTI on all my ships... what can I say I am full of contradictions

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Star Citizen - Concept Sales & Variants Before New Year
Star Citizen - Concept Sales & Variants Before New Year
Star Citizen - Concept Sales & Variants Before New Year
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