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Starting Youtube Advice - Tips ...

Grace F Victory Follow
  • Video description
  • 5 years ago
Here are my tips & tricks on starting Youtube. I hope it helps you guys out. If you have any more questions just tweet me @graciefrancesca or comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts :) love you guys.

Technical Tips:
Good/decent lighting - natural light/softbox lighting, adjust white balance on your camera (if you have that option)

Decent camera quality - Clear crisp view, no lagging, HD is preferred (not essential) second hand cameras are just as good, no lagging

Editing software - Windows movie maker (I use this) and iMovie is also popular on Youtube, intro & outros, fade affects, annotations and captions. Edit out all the crap and unnecessary

Sound - Make sure you can be heard, talk clearly, don't talk too loud and don't talk to quietly. Pretend you are having a conversation with someone, talk natural. Don't sound like a commercial LOL!

Duration - Have variety in the duration of your videos. Have longer ones when needed, and also have shorter ones when you don't need to ramble.

Music/Royalty free music - Use royalty free music ONLY. Youtubers generate money and we can only use music that can be used for commercial purposes. Google "royalty free music" or use danosongs.com.

First video ideas - Everyday makeup tutorial or Whats in my bag. They are interesting and popular and it gives your audience an insight into your personality etc

General Youtuber Tips:
Network - Don't separate yourself from the Youtube community. Make friends and socialise. Talk to other people who make the same type of videos as you do. Support others & you will get support back. Twitter/facebook/tumblr TALK TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS

Know your shit - Have knowledge in what you are talking about. Only do videos you have an interest in.

Bring something new - Don't copy someone else and don't follow the crowd.

Make lists - Plan your videos, do you research, be organised.

Compare your channel to someone else's
Expect too much too soon
Ask for shoutouts
Don't bug people - be patient!
Don't make videos for events, to earn money, to be sent things for free. BIG NO NO!

Hate = success. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Not everyone will like you. That's life. Don't caught up in "Youtube World".

Youtube partnership - www.youtube.com/partner
Branding options, longer videos, more exposure, revenue, picture stills etc

Youtube can change your life. IT CHANGED MINE.

Good luck if you start and/or starting out =]
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