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Still Gorgeous! ► Oblivion Main Quest Gameplay with ...

GamerZakh Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
After days of modding, fixing crashes, and trying to make Oblivion run as best as possible, we play some of The Elder Scrolls IV gameplay modded for 2020 but with some personal touches. The engine is really limited, so some stuttering, pop-ins, and bugs happen, but I still had a lot of fun in this let's play. Enjoy!

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Oblivion Main Quest Only Playthrough

Skyrim Main Quest Only Playthrough


Before anyone comments on the *number of ads* on this video, here's my *reduced* ads policy:

The average ad placement on gaming videos on YouTube is 1 every 6 minutes. So the standard is 15-22 minute parts with 4 ads at the 0, 6, 12, and 18 minute marks. Sometimes it's 15 minutes with 3 ads. The way I do it is I have one at the 8 and 15 minute marks, then 25 and 40 minute marks. After that it's one ad every 20 minutes. For long videos like this one, this means it's on average 3 times fewer ads using this model compared to channels that split it to 15-22 minute parts with 4 ads each. It might alarm you to see 10+ ads on a single video but please keep in mind that this is many hours long. Whatever your ad situation is or what kind you get, I'm putting fewer (not more) ads as I'm trying to move things in a direction of fewer ads. The only way to reduce ads without killing channels is to find models that work better, so this is my attempt at one solution.

If you don't believe that the norm is 1 ad every 6 minutes, here's a bunch of examples: https://twitter.com/GamerZakh/status/1219209707723739138


The #Oblivion mod guide and list that I used is essentially Bevilex' modlist for Oblivion - Graphics

However some personal changes I did were:
- No grass mods
- No hair replacers or beards
- Arboretum tree mod
- Havestable flora
- Darnified UI but limited because small fonts - I recommend installing all of it
- Disabled Weapon Improvement Project mod

#TheElderScrolls #TES


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