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Strangest Time Zones You've Never Heard About

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  • 4 years ago
You know that feeling when you travel to a new place and you know you’re officially far from home when you have to set your clock back or forward a couple of hours? Well, there are places in the world where you’d have to go not just hours but half hours and even 15 minutes back and forth!

For example, in Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia use GMT+9:30, and Howe Island has GMT+10:30. To make things even more complicated, South Australia observes Daylight Saving Time unlike the Northern Territory, so from October until April they live by different, still fractional, offsets. If you ever find yourself in Newfoundland in Canada, you’ll also have to set your clock to GMT-3:30, which is a bit weird.

Half-hour and quarter-hour offsets 0:39
Arizona, United States 3:17
China is one giant time zone 4:24
The confusion with Russian railways 6:35
Time zones beyond GMT+12 7:21

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- Many countries in Southern Asia live by different rules and add 30 minutes to the difference. If you think that doesn’t affect a lot of people, here’s an interesting fact! Every fifth person in the world lives in a fractional offset zone in India! The time there is GMT+5:30. There’s no official explanation as to why things are the way they are here, but it supposedly has to do with Indian independence from the British Empire and the desire to emphasize it.
- Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Savings and is always in the Mountain time zone: GMT-7. However, the Navajo Nation, living in a semi-autonomous Native American territory, does switch the clock. For half of the year, they live one hour ahead of the state of Arizona.
- China belongs to the list of the largest countries in the world and spans an impressive 3,100 miles from east to west. That’s larger than the continental United States. Its giant neighbor Russia boasts 11 time zones, and you’d expect China to have somewhere close to that number. Well, you’d be wrong if you did! The whole country officially has just one time zone: Beijing Standard Time.
- No matter whether you get on at Moscow or Vladivostok, which are 5,500 miles apart, the departure time on your ticket would be in Moscow time. Imagine getting to the train station 30 minutes before departure and finding out you’re actually 8 hours and 30 minutes late. This rule was changed recently, and now the departure times are always local.
- There are places that go beyond that. A few islands in the Pacific Ocean such as Tonga, Samoa, and Tokelau live by GMT+13, and the Line Islands, including Kiritimati, even go by a GMT+14 time zone.

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