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Stupidness 3 pro solutions Walkthrough checkpoint 1 ...

Walkthrough & tutorial best games apple store ➘ Follow
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  • 11 years ago

1. Tap the turtle.
2. 12
3. A room with lions that haven't eaten in 3 years.
4. Turn your device upside down and tap the smaller tick.
5. Tap the moon.
6. Slash the blue wire.
7. Just repeatedly tap the screen where the star crosses it.
8. Drag the _ up to form a - then tap the 3.
9. Slide away the red wire then the other colours till you reveal blue, then slash this.
10. Drag the elephant off the screen.
11. Place number 3 at the front then place 21 to the top right of number 3. Hence 3 to the power of 21.
12. Shoot the word 'bird'.
13. Simply press left of the box and push it off the screen.
14. Put all the shapes into the square
15. Drag the . Down to form 2.34
16. Tap anywhere blank on the screen and push the button sideways.
17. Drag the number one from the instructions and place it top right of any number.
18. Put the cat and the fish in the boxes and then rub away the word fish.
19. Push up the word 'buttons'.
20. Move the third arrow down to join the to arrow, then tap it.
21. Click the four apples then shakes your device to knock the remaining down.
22. Turn upside down and tap the screen.
23. Move the earth to the sun, move the earth away from the sun, move sun off the screen, shake the earth, put the earth into the sun.
24. Hold the right hand and then shake your device.
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