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SUGARY Gujarati Indian BREAKFAST Food Tour Amongst T...

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  • 1 year ago
One thing I’ve learned about India during my trips to the country in February and November of 2018 is that the food there is incredibly diverse. The flavors you encounter can vary widely from state to state, and many states and cities have dishes, dish variations, and cuisines that are unique to them. All of that makes the entire country an amazing smorgasbord of gastronomy that I can’t get enough of and I’m glad I got to eat my way though India with my travel buddy Sam from Samuel & Audrey in November!

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After a jam-packed first day in Ahmedabad, day two dawned bright and early for me and Sam. We met back up with our friend Rutu and her brother, who took us on a delicious and sugary Gujarati breakfast food tour of the city! Come along with us as we continue exploring the final city on our seven-city trip, Ahmedabad!

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We started our day at Lucky Restaurant in the old part of Ahmedabad, a unique eatery that features graves, tombstones, and even a tree that comes up from the floor and goes into the ceiling! This site was actually a graveyard, and the restaurant was built around it.

Our first dishes were two types of bun: a Maska bun which contains butter, and a jam Maska bun, which adds a fruit jam to the butter. We had them along with masala chai, which contained cardamom, ginger, and mint. The Maska bun was fluffy with an overload of butter, and dipping it in the chai added a rich, cardamom flavor. The chai itself was really thick and almost chocolatey! The Maksa bun with jam was sweeter and made with a mixture of different fruits. I loved dipping it into the chai! Overall, it was a rich, fatty, calorie-rich way to start our day!

Right across the street, we visited the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, which was built between 1572 and 1573. It’s one of the most famous mosques in the city and is known for its intricately carved stone latticework windows, which depict the tree of life, the unofficial logo of Ahmedabad.

Next, we took a mile-long tuk tuk ride (50 rupees) to continue our breakfast tour with some Gujarati sweets at Kandoi in the Old City of Ahmedabad. This sweet shop has been around since 1845 and I couldn’t wait to try their food!

We tried six different sweets, all of which looked very nutty. The first one was called Mohanthal, which was a soft and incredibly sugary grainy cake that was full of ghee and nuts.

Next was a dried fruit halwa, which was soft, crunchy, dense, and bursting with cardamom flavor. Our next sweet was a dense cake or cookie made with almonds and cashews that had a minty flavor and an edible foil on top.

Next, I tried another halwa that contained raisins and cashews. It was so soft it started falling apart as I held it. It was rich in sugar, but was my favorite so far! The next halwa was made of cashews, ghee, and milk and felt like a Rice Krispies Treat. It was super dense and was a total sugar overload! The last halwa was a barfi, which was kind of chocolatey with nuts and cinnamon flavor. I could also taste lots of sugar and ghee. They were the most sugary treats I’ve ever had in my life, but they were also delicious!

After that sugar rush, I needed something savory, so we hopped in another tuk tuk to grab some more Gujarati food, including gota, which is a fenugreek leaf fritter, and nylon khaman, which is a type of dhokla, and a potato fritter called Aloo Vada. The nylon khaman was spongy, airy, and moist, with a little bit of spice and coconut flavor. I loved it! The gota was like a fried vegetable fritter and the Aloo Vada was made of a soft potato mash. The gota and Aloo Vada together were amazing! All four items together came to just 40 rupees. What a deal!

Wow! What an amazing morning this was. I loved every moment of it, especially the sweets and that crazy tuk tuk ride!

I hope you enjoyed this video of our sweet breakfast food tour of Ahmedabad! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my upcoming food and travel content!

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