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Super Mario 64 - Lore in a Minute! - Mario Game Hist...

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  • 5 years ago
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​​​Octopimp is here with your Super Mario 64 (sorta) Lore!
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Written by Chad Quandt

Voiced by Octopimp:

Animated by digsBot:

Super Mario History brought to you by: Lore in a Minute!

Plumber Mario and his brother Luigi work in the sewers of Brooklyn when they are pulled through into the enchanted realm of the Mushroom Kingdom. In the sewers they battle giant apes, Koopas and other monsters. The Mushroom Kingdom is ruled by Princess Peach who’s too busy baking cakes to realize her kingdom is becoming overrun with monsters and their leader King Koopa, AKA Bowser.

Bowser Kidnaps Princess Peach

As Bowser attempts to rebuild the universe using the energies of Power Stars, Mario and his allies stop Bowser in his tracks, scattering the stars back to the surface. Browser then makes a sneak attack on the castle, kidnapping The Princess and harnessing the Power Stars to turn the many portraits in her castle into portals leading to dangerous realms.

Mario Vs Bowser

Super Mario 64 begins during this time with a letter from Princess Peach to Mario inviting him to the castle for cake. When he arrives, Mario discovers that Bowser has taken control of the castle and trapped Princess Peach and her servants within the castle walls using the power of the castle’s Power Stars. Mario must explore the castle and enter the portals to battle Bowser's minions, recover the Power Stars and defeat Bowser in the ultimate mario battle.
You are Mario and you’re invited to taste Peach's pie yet again, only to arrive to find the hostage situation before you.

About Super Mario 64:
Super Mario 64 is a video game published by Nintendo and created by Shigeru Miyamoto for the Super Nintendo 64 gaming console. Mario 64 is known for it’s 3D open world format, innovative gameplay, some of Nintendo’s most popular video game characters and has been named one of the greatest video games of all time by fans and critics alike.

About LORE:
LORE is brought to you with Polaris and The Game Station. Lore in a minute and fast facts describe the history of video game development and game backstories of your favorite video games.
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