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Super Shot Soccer Game Sample - Playstation

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 12 years ago
This game is pretty freaking awesome folks and not many people know about it; I've had this game for a long time but never could remember where I put the game. While going through some things I never sorted out since I moved in, I found the game amongst mostly miscellaneous doodads (as well as a couple of PS2 games like Stella Deus, Wild Arms 3, Samurai Western, and an empty case of Ghost in the Shell: SAC). What is it that makes the game awesome?

Well, you folks ever heard of the "Captain Tsubasa" series? Well, I have, but I admiteddly don't know too much about it (other than it rocks), so I'll also present another title; you folks ever heard of the movie, "Shaolin Soccer"? This is what instantly comes to mind when I play this game-- Shaolin Soccer (and a little trivia: Shaolin Soccer was inspired in part by Captain Tsubasa) except somehow more over-the-top. Developed by Tecmo late in the Playstation's life (after Shaolin Soccer came out in Hong Kong and Japan as a matter of fact; great movie btw) comes a Soccer/Football title with superhuman soccer players coming from all over the world. The game features over thirty teams that have at least two special powers (some of the special or elite teams like the Hong Kong team are hidden) ranging from special passes to protective abilities to a boost in speed to auxillary skills to even the goalie shooting a little spirit-bomb type attack that mows down players in an exaggerated Shaolin Soccer fashion (I believe it's called the "Charisma Punch"). Yeah, it's not exactly normal, but it's sweet as heck.

You also have a few customizable options typical to games like this, but it's main draw is the special abilities and team match-ups. Special abilities can be done with L1 plus either Triangle, Square, or "X". Different special moves use different amounts of your teams special energy. Also, every team has a powerful player with an "S" over their head, who can make attacks they specialize in more powerful. You can also use good old-fashioned fancy passes and footwork to outmanuever your opponent, though characters move a little stiffly, especially on turns. It was done in part to simulate more realistic movement in the sport, but it does make things a little annoying at times.

This is a simple video of South Korea and Japan playing against each other in a short "five minute" match. I could have cheated and kept charging the frontline and knocking the goalie unconscious with fireballs, but I wanted Team Japan to show off some of their moves (like the mighty Samurai Blade) and to allow me to do some of my defensive techniques for demonstration. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't summon their tornado... it's more satisfying kicking a fireball through it or changing the trajectory of it by surprise and hitting an opponent in the head, lol. It's not the best Soccer game in the world, but it's fun while it lasts. Enjoy.

NOTE: The opening Song is called "Dive", performed by Bomb Factory and produced by Hell Hornet Records. Also, the game's teams have qualified for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
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