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Superior Soldiers [パーフェクトソルジャーズ] Game Sample - Arcad...

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  • 5 years ago

NOTE: Some videos in this channel will now have "Standard Versions" and "60FPS Versions" now. Links to the standard version of a video will be in the 60FPS version video and vice versa.

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Superior Soldiers, known in Japan as Perfect Soldiers (パーフェクトソルジャーズ?), is a late 1993 fighting arcade game developed and published by Irem, and just another of many games trying to cash in on the 2D-fighting craze at the time catapulted by Capcom's "Street Fighter II". Featuring seven playable characters and one boss character (who is normally unplayable without cheats / game hacks), the game has minor regional differences. Characters have different names in Japan and an announcer shouting the names of the game and characters, while the North American version has the "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen and additional colors and graphics.

Some aspects of the game like the music, character movesets and backdrops seem hastily thrown together and generic, while other aspects of the game seem to imitate or even plagiarize aspects of SFII, particularly the character "Arabian Moon" who has a gleeful win pose like Chun-Li as well as her same throw and a modified lightning kick and spinning bird kick. As a whole however, the game at least has fairly interesting characters and better animations than some of its competitors and isn't a blatant hack job (*COUGH*Dragon Master*COUGH*), but is lacking in one main way: Balance.

Some characters like the protagonist (Starsaber / Star Savior) and Meltdown have a standard, balanced moveset to deal with most situations, but some characters like Satinsect and Reptilian have only two freaking moves, while average characters have four or more. This wouldn't be so bad if the characters had other quirks to offset this, but they don't. Characters like Arabian Moon "seem" fun to play, but are handicapped by very short range and odd standard attacks that add insult to injury. The A.I. is also quite cheap and gets away with certain maneuvers like throws way more than they should (even if you initiate it first) and the game's one main draw, inclusion of a forward-dash mechanic, is often abused by the A.I. as well. If you're looking for some decent Non-SNK boss syndrome, then the final boss of this game should satisfy as well with his very high damage output, multi-hit standard attacks, high stun capability, and overly cheap fireball that can potentially hit twice if you're not backed into a corner.

I'd love to say that Irem put together a polished, early 90s fighting game in the form of Superior Soldiers, but I just can't. The game looks okay, but sounds pretty bad and plays like a standard 2D fighter minus most of the fun. However, if it's any consolation, several of the people who made this game went on to form "Nazca" and develop "Metal Slug" and "The King of Fighters" titles for SNK, two of the best action and fighting (respectively) game franchises. This is a video of the game in action, showing a few different fights. Enjoy.
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