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Tales of Symphonia Game Sample - GameCube

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  • 11 years ago
Tales of Symphonia, developed and published by Namco (or Namco Tales Studios, specifically "Team Symphonia") is one of the most lauded games within the entire "Tales of" universe, first released for GameCube in Japan in 2003 and then later in the U.S., Canada and Europe in 2004; a Japan-only port was later released for PS2 in 2004 as well. It's the fifth game in the flagship series, the third game released in the U.S., the first game released in Europe, and was the second at-the-time "next-gen" Tales game (but the first to really show off the tech of the systems of the time), preceded by "Tales of Destiny 2" (Not to be confused with "Tales of Eternia") and later followed by games like "Tales of Rebirth", "Tales of Legendia", "Tales of the Abyss", and the "Tales of Destiny Remake". Tales of Symphonia's characteristic genre name is "To Resonate With You RPG" and is a distant prequel to the first game in the series, "Tales of Phantasia".

The game starts off relatively simple, with a classic plot which is spearheaded by a group of curious youths but evolves into a quest that is more than black or white. In the game, the main character, Lloyd Irving, is sleeping in class as his young teacher, Raine Sage, is discussing with the class the significance of the history of "The Chosen of Regeneration" and the evil acts of a race known as the "Desians" who used "Human Ranches" to use humans as slaves. After a swift blow to Lloyd's head, she continues her discussion and points out that The Chosen, a good friend and fellow classmate of Lloyd, Colette Brunel, will soon go on a quest to save the world. A flash of light shines throughout the village which is a sign of trouble, and Raine leaves to investigate, telling the others to stay put. Naturally, Lloyd wants to go check things out, and eventually does with his best friend, Genus (Raine's reluctant younger brother) and Colette. This sets things in motion as they go on a quest beyond imagination.

The game features many of the staples that the series is known for (many unique items, weapons that change in appearance, the "LMBS" or "Linear Motion Battle System", etc.) but also introduced more unique/modified characteristics such as EX-Skills which affect character growth and most differ between each character, skits, titles (which have a variety of effects from increasing stats to changing your costume to using for mini-games), compound special attacks (team-up attacks which usually use advanced attacks like the combo skills in Tales of Phantasia), and characters like Sheena who can use summons when in an "Over Limit" (nearly invincible) state. One of the most notable aspects of the game is the huge leap to 3D, which uses many 3D models and anime-style cel-shaded characters with fluid 60FPS motion and is set in a large 3D world. The game has become one of the best selling and most memorable Tales titles of all time, which also has several OVAs made in its honor and a sequel for Wii known as "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World".

This is a video of the game in action showing some stuff in the game. Enjoy.
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