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Tamil King Raja Raja Chola's Bathtub Discovered - Th...

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  • 5 years ago
During my visit to Thanjavur, I stumbled on something very special: Raja Raja Cholan's ceremonial bathtub.It is almost 10 feet long, made out of a single rock. Raja Raja Chola lived around 1000 A.D, so this bathtub was carved a thousand years ago.

Some excellent stone cutting techniques both outside and inside. A perfect rectangle at the top with straight corners. And the inside has been carved out to make it very smooth and has no rough edges.This must have been carefully created so that the King doesn't get a cut or a bruise when he is taking a bath.

Even the outside is shaped and polished so that there are no rough corners. All the edges are well rounded. So we are looking at a monolothic bathtub made over a 1000 years ago. According to historians this must have been carved with a chisel and a hammer, but I think they must have used some advanced technology and techniques.

It is definitely a bathtub, because you can even see a drain hole to get the water out. The locals told me that this was used by King Raja Raja Chola on special occasions. The bathtub would be filled with water and special perfumes will be added. Exotic flowers would also be placed in the water to increase the fragrance. The king would then take a ceremonious bath, before going inside the temple's main chamber.

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