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Taste Testing Edible Bugs ...

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  • 7 months ago
Eating insects is generally seen as a pretty disgusting thing, especially in the western world...but what if it became more necessary and more of a norm? Things like cricket flour and mealworms are becoming more popular as a great source of protein. Would you give this kind of diet a go or is it a step too far?

Watch (or listen to!) the latest podcast to hear more of the guys' thoughts on insect protein: https://sorted.club/s4e5/

Big thanks to EatGrub and their marketing team for help with some of their research. You can read more from them here: https://www.eatgrub.co.uk/
This is where we bought the live mealworms if you're interested: http://horizoninsects.co.uk/

Our friends over at Dokke forage a lot of their food and we loved trying ants when we visited...book an experience with the restaurant here: https://sorted.club/

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