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TEC G-Sport Infrared Gas Grill

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  • 9 years ago

TEC grills are the only 100% infrared gas grill. These grills provide even heat distribution across the grilling surface, an unprecedented range of cooking intensity, and no flare-ups!
TEC G-Sport FR Propane Gas Grill On Pedestal: The TEC G-Sport FR features 304 grade stainless steel construction; stainless steel 22000 BTU infrared burner; 100 percent infrared energy that eliminates hot air that dries out food; TECs patented glass emitter panel; electronic ignition; removable debris tray; 309 square inches of grilling surface. This TEC portable gas grill has the capability of reaching the lowest grilling temperature of any infrared gas grill on the market allowing you to smoke, as well as sear. Cooks as much as other gas grills twice the size. Cookware can be placed directly on the grids or emitter panel, allowing for conventional cooking and eliminating the need for a side burner. Includes stainless steel pedestal for permanent mount. Propane hose and regulator included.

TEC SCRIPT - Brand Video (Completed)
TEC Infrared Grills are different from any other grill you have ever seen. they use 100% Infrared heat to roast and sear your food to perfection.

The science behind this gas grill, is in layering of a powerful and fuel efficient infrared burner, centered under a radiant glass panel. And on top of the glass panel it has a specially designed grill grate.

But what does this mean for grilling? First, it means a high powered searing experience. We clocked this TEC grill at 90 degrees a minute, while pre-heating. In only nine minutes it reached 800 degrees, the perfect temperature for searing this steak.

Now we are going to check how even the grill cooks. I have cooled the grill down, and I am going to place sliced bread across the entire surface. Okay, lets flip them over and see the result of each pair. Wow, look at how evenly each pair has browned. You would be hard pressed to find a grill or range that could out perform the TEC!

Since the TEC uses 100% infrared heat and not hot air, your food retains almost all of its moisture even when cooked to well done. We fit 9 full half pound burgers on the grill and cooked them to perfection!

Drippings are never a problem as they are vaporized when they come in contact with the glass panel. You can even pour your marinade right onto the steak without a problem. The vapors just add to the smoky flavor!

There is so much more to learn about the TEC Grill, We hope you will visit us at the link in the description, and see for yourself. I'm Chef Tony Matassa from BBQGuys.com, thank you for watching.
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