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Tenacious Cut

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 13 years ago
A bad cut delivered to me by a Spyderco Tenacious which opened up by the jostling of a fanny pack (carrying a gun). The pack wasn't being worn, just hauled around in a bag. And carrying it that way was apparently enough to jostle the Tenacious blade out of its handle...the retention ident totally is not strong enough if that it opens THAT easily. Reaching into the pack, and unaware of the self-opened blade, I got a bad cut... it bled all day despite my best efforts. And it is sharp... cutting me down to the meat in the hand as you'll see. Worst part was just prior to a planned desert shoot at the Nutnfancy Tactical Clinic. Here I show the wound (it's actually worse than it looks) and show some first aid tips (the main reason I'm posting the vid). Lots of blood, some pain... pressed on. Wasn't the first knife cut, won't be the last.

Note: I think this would only happen with off-body carry, not in the pants pocket. Also post a response video showing your own knife cut (fresh ones only!) and how it happened.
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