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Tensen-NyanNyan: Gekigyouban [天仙娘々~劇場版~] Game Sample...

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  • 5 years ago
Tensen-NyanNyan: Gekigyouban (or "Gekijyouban" / "Heavenly Sexual Girl: The Movie") is a cult-classic strip "Reach Mahjong" game that was originally released for PC-98 back in 1992 as simply "Tensen Nyan Nyan" by Ponytail Software and later upgraded for Japanese PCs and Playstation in early 1998 by TimePoint. The new version is dubbed "The Movie" because it includes full-motion movies / animations, altered artwork and an in-depth story mode with many different character scenarios. The theme of the game is mostly Chinese and highly Oriental, and has a lot of play-on-words. The general story is that, once upon a time, there existed a small country that was terrorized by a Great Mahjong King (or Queen) who forced the citizens to partake in cursed Mahjong battles. The losers would (often unwittingly) have their clothes torn until they became nude and people were afraid to enjoy an otherwise sacred pastime until heavenly immortals defeated the great one in battle and banished her from the land. Time goes on and the land, while not very prosperous, is peaceful and its people are happy.

In "modern day", people thoroughly enjoy playing Mahjong and it's become the main source of income, so people generally don't turn down a Mahjong challenge. During this time, a great wizard is training a young Chinese apprentice named "鈴花" (Or "Lingfa" or sometimes "Suzuhana", meaning "Bell Flower" with pink flowers on both sides of her head being her charm point, she has her own Chinese-Hopping Vampire maids) in the old ways of magical Mahjong battles when they are interrupted by a mysterious girl who challenges them to a Mahjong battle. The wizard attempts to fight and protect his apprentice, but is struck by one of her blades, stripping him of some of his clothes. Lingfa steps up to the challenge and defeats her, where she warns the two that nefarious characters are trying to bring back the Great Mahjong King. With this warning, the three travel around the land trying to gather information and recruit others along the way to aid in their cause.

The main difference between the Playstation version and its PC iterations is that characters don't become nude when defeated; they get beaten until they wear swimsuits, so the graphics and some of the context of the content have been edited, but the game still possesses many detailed artworks, animations and lots of characters with considerable unlockable content (found in the Omake option), so in that regard, Tensen-NyanNyan does not disappoint. It also attempts to incorporate a few twists to an otherwise highly saturated genre such as purchasable items that, while not exactly new, can help sway the tide of battle, as well as up to two special skills that can be utilized in battle. This is important because you will need virtually every trick at your disposal as the game is NOTORIOUSLY challenging even by computerized Reach Mahjong standards as every opponent (even your first) fight like they're your last and usually reach after the second or third move (and start with tons of pairs off the bat). Even worse, your character loses after they run out of cash OR get beaten three times, regardless of how much money is left. While this helps the game move along at a somewhat faster pace (as the story is extremely slow, IMO), even skilled players will lose countless times in their efforts to clear all the game's scenarios.

Graphically, the game looks pretty nice given its time of release... the characters are cute and drawn well, the animations are numerous and mostly respectable, and the game doesn't feel out of place considering it's a revision of a game released over five years prior. The sound, on the other hand, is a bit lacking; some tunes are quite catchy, but most are generic low-quality tunes and the predictable voice-overs for the characters permeate the whole aural experience, and it's just serviceable enough to not detract from the game's other characteristics. Ultimately, they work together, but a more conscious effort in the sound department and perhaps some near-redbook audio could've brought this game up another notch or two.

"Tensen-NyanNyan: Gekigyouban" is good enough to separate itself from mediocrity and put itself in the winners circle with its Adv/Mahjong hybrid gameplay and appeal to fans of Gal Games, but is a little slow and dull for my tastes -- I prefer the glitz and glamour of flashier, more over-the-top Arcade-style Mahjong titles like Suchie Pai and Super Real Mahjong. Still, if you enjoy these types of games, then I would recommend it, provided you have the patience to deal with the abusive CPU. This is a video with some plot and some gameplay, as well as the nice opening movie. Enjoy.
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