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TERA: Journey To Level Cap Episode 4 "A Bit Of PeonR...

TheLazyPeon Follow
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  • 6 years ago
TERA is a free to play MMORPG that I've previously covered in a first impressions video, it has some of the best action combat I've ever experienced in an MMO and therefore I wanted to play this as the first game in my journey to level cap series, In this series you'll follow me on my adventure to max level and I'll try my best to guide you through what's going on as I progress in TERA, feel free to give me advice if you're a long time player because I probably need it!


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In this video I continue my new TERA levelling series where I level from 1 to max level where I'll eventually check out end game content, I chose to play TERA as my first MMORPG in this series because it has fun action combat and I really enjoyed playing it in my first impressions, I made really good progress again in this video and recorded 6.5 hours worth of gameplay I didn't do PVP in this episode but I did a lot of Tera Dungeon and made some amazing progress, I decided to pick the Gunner class after watching the Trailer and hearing about how fun it is to play.

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TERA: Journey To Level Cap Episode 4 "A Bit Of PeonRage"
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