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The Best Fast Chargers for the iPhone XR, XS, X and ...

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  • Video description
  • 3 months ago
Are you looking for the best fast charger for your iPhone? We've tested several!

For my top recommendations, the best USB-PD charger is the SCOSCHE HPDA2C8 Powervolt. If you need more ports, our recommended charger would be the Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger.

Get the SCOSCHE HPDA2C8 Powervolt on Amazon!
Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2UhAWVs
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/2UdG8tf
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2Zbjplx
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/2UdG9xj

Get the Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger on Amazon!
Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2UhHAen
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/2UhB1IK
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2UhB2MO
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/2UhB2fM

Buyer’s Guide - 00:07:46

I tested a lot of different chargers for this video and have been reviewing them for years now so I think I have gained some understanding on what is a good charger or not. With that knowledge I gained, here’s two things that Iʼd pay attention to when looking at fast chargers:

#1 Make sure itʼs a USB compliant product

Go to USB.org and try to search if the product you want to buy is there. Out of my collection of USB-PD chargers, half of them didn’t show up in the database. The 1/2 that donʼt show up in the database include chargers from Aukey, Choetech, GreatCool and RAVPower.

The first three brands didnʼt surprise me because the products from Aukey, Choetech and GreatCool were the cheapest and the build quality of the products felt poor.

For example, Aukey 18W USB-C PD charger couldnʼt figure out how to print the product information in a straight line, the GreatCool 30W Type C PD Charger couldn't charge our iPhone's at a consistent rate and CHOETECH USB C Chargerʼs port isnʼt actually lined up with the casing.

The crazy thing about the CHOETECH USB C Charger is that it is one of the most popular chargers on Amazon and itʼs not certified!

Oddly enough, Apple wasnʼt in the USB compliant product list. Or the product numbers or the name “Apple” wasnʼt in the list. Maybe itʼs under a shell corporation? Sneaky Apple. But we’re pretty sure Appleʼs own chargers are going to be decent.

The products that show up in the USB database include products from Anker, Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger and SCOSCHE HPDA2C8 Powervolt but out of these three, only the Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger had the USB symbol. The build quality of these products feels exponentially better than the other products. They feel solid, the edges meet up and the labels are on straight. Which is why weʼd recommend them. We know we havenʼt explicitly recommend an Anker product but you canʼt go wrong with that brand.

#2 Pay attention to maximum wattage

Make sure that you know what the maximum wattage is on the fast charge port. RAVPower USB C Power Delivery Charger is a bit of a jerk for saying their charger is a 60W charger when the reality is that the USB-PD port is only 45W and the rest of the ports are 15W.

How different are the USB-PD charge rates? - 00:03:02

Based on my tests, to get 1% charge during the fast charge phase, the fastest chargers can do it in 32 seconds while the slowest take over 40 seconds. Oddly enough, the second slowest charger in my tests was the Apple 18W iPad Charger. To get to 50%, that means the fastest charger, the SCOSCHE HPDA2C8 Powervolt did it in ~26 minutes and the slowest charger was 35 minutes.

The worst charger? It’s the GreatCool 30W Type C PD Charger. It’s one of the cheapest chargers that I used which may seem like an attractive feature for some BUT it has the worst/inconsistent charge rates out of our test group of products.

Is USB-PD charging reduce when all the ports are used? - 00:04:15

Out of my plethora of fast chargers, there were a handful that could handle multiple devices at once. In short, none of the tests we did showed a big loss of charging speed.

Based on our tests, we'd the Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger. First of all, it's 60W port is actually 60W whereas the RAVPower charger's 60W is split between the USB-A ports and the PD one so it's technically not a 60W charger.

How different are the sizes of USB-PD chargers? - 00:07:04

The smallest charger in this batch belongs to Aukey 18W USB-C PD charger. Itʼs a little bigger than your standard iPhone charger so if youʼre constrained by space, still donʼt get the Aukey 18W USB-C PD charger. It fails our buyer guide test.

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