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  • 4 years ago
A few nights before our big move we woke up in the middle of the night to our neighbors house alarm going off super loud. It kept saying please evacuate, please evacuate over and over for like an hour! The neighbors house has been vacant for a few months so we figured someone must have broke into the house. I was kinda freaking out and having a little panic attack because I thought there was a burglar next door to us. We also don't live in the best area so I was really scared. We decided to call the police and they came right away. The cops went in the backyard to check it out and then the police rang our doorbell which was unexpected. I think that scared me the most. Having the cops outside your house can be a little scary. They wanted to let us know they found the alarm outside in a box and they turned it off and searched around the property and everything looked okay. They still aren't sure what set the alarm off but I know I slept better that night knowing they came to check it out and there wasn't a loud alarm going off. I cannot wait to move out of the ghetto into a super nice area. T minus 2 days till we move yay!

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