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The Faster Boarding Way No Airline Will Ever Use

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  • 3 years ago
You may strongly disagree with an air company on what to call food or how hot it should be in the cabin. But there's one thing that both you and the airline probably agree on: boarding the plane takes WAY too long. It takes about 30-40 minutes, while in the 1970s, boarding time was only 15 minutes. How did they do that?

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Is this about human greed? 0:43

How much every extra moment the plane spends on the tarmac costs 1:01

Why the back-to-front method isn't efficient 1:25

Why airlines don't let people check their bags for free 2:43

The most efficient boarding method 4:20

The clever trick of Southwest Airlines 6:07

Favorite boarding methods of different companies 7:41

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- People today are trying to save money, so they take as many carry-ons as they can rather than pay for checked luggage.
- Every extra moment the plane spends on the tarmac costs a small fortune ($1,000 a minute to be exact!).
- Today, most air companies use the back-to-front method of passenger boarding. This way isn't just the most popular, it’s also the least efficient!
- Every year, US carriers make more than $4 billion in checked-bag fees.
- There’s the outward-in boarding approach. MythBusters found this method to be the fastest one yet. According to this approach, passengers who have window seats get on board first.
- According to The Steffen Method, passengers board from the outside in, they take seats in every other row, and the process starts at the back of the plane.
- The main issue is that families, couples, or friends can't board together.
- If you're a passenger on Southwest Airlines, you'll get a boarding group and boarding position. After that, you just have to be fast to grab your favorite seat!
- Actually, each airline seems to have its favorite boarding method. For example, Virgin Atlantic and American believe that the more passengers board at once, the better.

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