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The hidden technique of the greatest bass players

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  • 1 year ago
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Hadrien Feraud, Richard Bona, and Gary Willis All Use This Picking Technique. Do You?

You know all those bass players who seem to have that extra...sixth gear when it comes to playing the bass?

It turns out, all of those guys use a really specific technique with their plucking hand, and it's this that's the secret behind how they're able to play those blazing fast lines.

What's more, it's not just "jazz shredders" who use this technique. "Groove" players like Joe Dart also use it.

But the one guy who absolutely blows my mind every time I see him use this technique is the monstrous Hadrien Feraud.

In today's lesson you'll learn what that technique is...

...but also:

- The technique you need to know whenever you're ascending through a scale or a line
- 2 specific exercises to get Hadrien's picking technique into your playing
- How to practice to make sure you get this into your playing, even if you're a beginner
- And much more...

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