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The MASTER of Soup Noodles - CHINESE Shrimp & Crab N...

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  • 3 months ago
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In April of 2019, I spent twelve days exploring the country of China. I have loved this country ever since I first visited back in 2015 and I love it even more now. It’s such a huge nation, which makes for a lot of diversity in its cuisine. It’s also rich in history and culture, which are two of the things I love to dive into when I travel. Come along with me as I explore the wonders of China!

My fourth full day in China (and my second day in the historic water city of Suzhou) continued that afternoon with a visit to a local marketplace, a delicious lunch, and a trip to a stunning temple garden! Let’s continue exploring Suzhou!

I started in the marketplace with my friend and guide, Judy. I was on the hunt for a mask for my wall at home. I found one but I wasn’t really into it. I also found a beautiful wall hanging that is a good luck charm and would bring my family more success. The original price was 250 Yuan/roughly $36 U.S., but I haggled the vendor down to 100 Yuan/around $15 U.S.

I learned that everything on the street was on sale because the street won’t exist for much longer; instead they’re going to build a parking lot there. I bought a beautiful gown for my wife.

From the market, we hopped in a car because the restaurant we were planning on eating at was full. So, we headed to another famous restaurant and made reservations on the way. It’s the #1 soup and noodle restaurant in Suzhou!

The specialty noodles here cost 98 Yuan, or about $14.27 U.S. The chef comes to your table and mixes it up with his chopsticks. There were lots of menu options, so I couldn’t wait to try them!

They gave us a massive table in a private room. We were brought some shredded ginger, eel, spicy shrimp, pork, and chicken with walnuts, and mushroom, as well as the shrimp and crab noodles!

They were more of a dry noodle and were delicious! They were really thin and had a prominent seafood taste. The freshwater shrimp were so small and so different, but so tasty! It was one of the best noodle bowls I’ve ever had! Remember to slurp your noodles! It’s considered improper not to!

I mixed in some of the ginger for an added kick and finished off the noodles with my soup spoon. I love freshwater shrimp because they almost never come with the shell and are amazing.

We saved the appetizers for last! I went for the spicy shrimp, pork, and chicken with walnuts which wasn’t so spicy at first, but it caught up to me later. It was nice and crunchy and I liked it better than the noodles!

Next, I went with the eel, which were a little crunchy and had no bones. They were coated in a light sauce. It was fantastic! Last was the mushrooms, which were super fresh and moist.

What an amazing lunch. Everything was so good. The food in Suzhou was even better than the food in Shanghai!

Then we headed off to the temple gardens. We saw the 9-story North Temple Pagoda, but we weren’t allowed to go to the top. They want to preserve it, which I totally understand.

The entrance to the temple gardens had a beautiful and intricate carving of the Buddha and a statue of the temple guard. You burn incense for health and wealth there. I burned three. There’s a massive laughing Buddha statue in front of the pagoda. Around him are rocks from the lake. The Buddha is at least 20 feet tall!

The North Temple pagoda is about 1,700 years old and dates back to the 3rd century. We went around the lower level of the pagoda three times. Then, Judy said a prayer for me and my family.

We saw the moon gate and a massive, carved brick that was incredible and so beautiful. Then, we entered the garden. The quality of the air felt so fresh! There was a big pond with large fish and a small, stone bridge. It only took me 6 steps to cross it.

The garden is hilly, so there are stairs and paths that take you up and down. There was more nature, including some bamboo. There was a beautiful, vase-shaped door. We entered the oldest part of the garden, where we saw a statue of a female Buddha. There were lots of flower offerings, which are thought to make the person who offers them more beautiful and elegant.

What an incredible afternoon! If you enjoyed coming along on my amazing Suzhou lunch and temple garden visit, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my channel!

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