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The Most Ironic Ways People Have Died

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  • 4 years ago
What are the most ironic deaths ever?
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Death is a constant loom over our heads. Let’s face it; none of us are immortal, and it’s only a matter of time before we all kick the bucket and the younger generation takes over for us. While we know that we will die eventually, it is the how that is the constant mystery. Some people would love to know how they’re going to die, while others would prefer to just let it be and continue to live their life as normal. Some deaths are tragic, whether they are from disease, health treatment, murder, or accidents, while some deaths are just plain ironic. There are some deaths that are just so odd, that people are both scratching their heads and mourning at the same time. This is certainly the case for the deaths that are included in this video.
For example, William Martinez thought that he probably hit the jackpot when he was invited to participate in a threesome with a married couple. He was due to have heart surgery in just three days from heart disease, and wanted to get one more jolly out before he went under the knife. Unfortunately the physical exertion turned out to be too much for Martinez and his heart gave out, which led to his death. We all know about the magical mastermind that was Harry Houdini. For his last trick, he had people punch him in the stomach, given that his strong abs were part of his signature physique. However, when Houdini was relaxed and caught off guard, he was punched in the stomach so hard that it physically injured him, and those injuries ended up killing him.
Then we have the strange story of Jennifer Strange, who wanted to win a Nintendo Wii from the local radio station. The contest was essentially drinking as much water as possible and not urinate. After Jennifer went home, she was found dead several hours later from over-hydrating on water. So next time you pick up that water bottle, you might want to reconsider just how much water you’ve had.
Dying in ironic ways has been going on for well over a century. Take Franz Reichelt, a French tailor living in Paris. He invented an overcoat parachute, which was designed to save someone should they fall from a high location. Franz managed to get permission from the police to test him invention by jumping off the Eiffel Tower. Police thought Franz was going to use a dummy, but he ended up making the jump himself. Needless to say, the overcoat didn’t work and the French tailor fell to his death. Speaking of ironic deaths from the past, Jack Daniels, who invented the famous whiskey, got so mad that he kicked one of the wooden barrels in his inventory and cut his foot. The cut got infected and spread all over his body. On his death bed, Mr. Daniels asked for one last drink. This death was ironic because Mr. Daniels probably could have saved himself from an infection by pouring his signature whiskey on the wound.

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Death By Threesome (William Martinez)
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