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THE ODYSSEY with Graham Hughes | Season 2 Sizzle

Graham Hughes Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
JOIN ME, Graham Hughes, as I continue my attempt to become the FIRST PERSON, EVER, to complete the first journey to EVERY COUNTRY in THE WORLD without flying.

BLOG: http://theodysseyexpedition.com
TWITTER: http://www.twtter.com/EveryCountry
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/thatgingerscouser

Unlike climbing Everest, trekking to the North Pole or landing on The Moon, this feat has never been achieved by anyone, ever, since, well... forever. Marco Polo didn't manage it, neither did Ibn Battuta or Columbus, Magellen or Cook. At first it seems like an impossible task: to step foot in EVERY country? Madness!!

What about Somalia? Iraq? Afghanistan? North Korea? What if some mad tyrant closes the borders? What about war, disease, famine and terrorism??

OH WILL YOU RELAX?! The World is a wonderful, wonderful place. Okay, so some governments suck, but that's not a reflection of the people who will (999 times out of 1000) go out of their way to help you out. And, by and large, war is over: war in terms of large armies slugging it out on the battlefield - if you define war in that way, there are NO WARS BEING FOUGHT ON PLANET EARTH AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. How amazing is THAT?

Yes, terrorism is a worry but you'd have to be bloody unlucky and, as we all know far too well, you're just as likely to be a target in London as you are in Kabul.

So here we are: I've been to every country in 'the axis of evil', every country in Africa, The Middle East, Europe, The Americas and Asia. I only have a handful of islands left to visit and then I'm done.

This is a little compilation video of what I've been up to since the TV show 'Graham's World' (Sundays, Nat Geo Adventure) ended on 31st December last year.
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