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The Real Reason Why Trains Can't Go Uphill

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  • 1 year ago
Hey! You ready for the ride of your life? You'll climb on board the first, the fastest, and the most luxurious trains out there. Along the way, you'll find out why trains can't go uphill and how some go without wheels! But are you sure you’re ready? We’ll board a couple of ghost trains!

Empty trains travel around the UK all the time. They pass through stations that have long been abandoned. So, why not close them? Well, you're about to find out. By the way, do you know anything about a train, which wasn't destined to reach its destination? The most famous ghost train ever! According to rumors, this train didn't just vanish – it passed through time and space...

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Locomotive ancestor 0:21
The first steam engine train 0:48
The fastest train in the world 1:15
Hogwarts Express 1:58
The Royal Scotsman 2:24
Empty trains 3:26
So why can't trains go uphill? 4:11
The most famous ghost train ever 5:17
The most futuristic station 6:27
The station with pinpoint accuracy 6:58
Norry bamboo train 7:24

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- Horses and people were used instead of an engine. Later, they started connecting trolleys with each other for greater efficiency.
- The first steam engine train. Thick sooty smoke pours from it. You ride at a measly speed of about 30 mph.
- You transfer to a comfortable modern train, and it’s one of the fastest types in existence – Maglev.
- You're sitting on a soft chair as the train travels so quietly and smoothly that you wouldn’t even know you’re currently moving about 268 mph.
- We’ve arrived in Edinburgh. You go to a special station to catch an equally special train. In the restaurant, you'll be served local dishes of the region you’re currently passing through.
- We’re in England, at the railway station in the small town of Snaith. There are no ticket machines, no ticket offices, not even taxi parking.
- Tracks and train wheels are steel. There's very little friction between these smooth steel parts. It's less than between your car’s rubber tire and the road, in fact!
- As soon as the train rises uphill, its weight distribution changes, the frictional force weakens, and the wheels begin to spin in place. It can go up an elevation of only 2°.
- You, along with 250,000 other daily commuters, enter the Stockholm Central Station. And this station is extraordinary: it recycles all those people’s body heat!
- Japan. You arrive at the station with pinpoint accuracy. Seriously, the average delay time is under a minute for the entire year!]-
- Cambodia. If you love adventure, then you'll appreciate a ride on the Norry bamboo train. People gather wide bamboo slabs and lay them on a square frame with wheels.

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