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The REAL TRUTH About Abs

Six Pack Shortcuts Follow
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  • 12 years ago
The real truth about abs...EXPOSED:

Want to know the truth about abs? In this video, Dan and I talk about 5 of the biggest mistakes that guys make when they're trying to define their abs.

If you're making these mistakes, getting abs is going to be VERY frustrating. You'll be putting in a ton of effort, and getting virtually no results. But once you know the right way to train, getting lean abs will be far, far faster and easier.

Some topics that we cover:

-- Does eating fat cause you to gain fat?
-- Can you achieve abs through diet alone, or do you also need exercise/workouts?
-- Does cardio help you get abs? And what type of cardio should you be doing?
-- Are there SUPPLEMENTS that can help you get in good shape? Should you be spending your money on this stuff?
-- Are there any machines or equipment that can aid in getting abs -- or are you better off to train your abs with no equipment?

Check out the video for answers to these questions. If you want to know the real truth about getting abs, then this is a must-see.

The truth about six pack abs is that you DON'T need gimmicks, complicated equipment, or ab gadgets to get six pack abs. The REAL truth about abs is that all you need is a good Afterburn Training routine and a good eating system. Now that you know the truth about abs, I hope that you'll re-dedicate yourself to what really gets you abs...good training and nutrition!

And if you really want to take the fast-track to a ripped body and six pack abs, watch this free video now:


It's pretty shocking and controversial...because I reveal the REAL truth about abs that the fitness equipment and diet industry DOESN'T want you to know.

I show you all of the WORST types of exercises you must avoid if you want to get abs. And I also show you the BEST ab exercises that get you six pack abs, which I personally use and which many of my clients have also used to get abs.

Watch the video now:


Hope you enjoy it! And until next time....

Train hard,


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