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The Richest Woman In America Lived On $5 a Week And ...

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  • 3 months ago
Imagine this: one morning you wake up a multi-millionaire. What would you do? Buy a yacht or a garage full of sports cars; maybe a diamond tiara and a cruise around the world?

All this would sound tempting to just about anyone, but not Hetty Green, who was the richest woman in America and wore one black dress for years. Why did she become so thrifty? And why did people call her "The Witch of Wall Street"? Here's her story full of eccentricities.

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The early days of Henrietta Green 0:37
Coming into an inheritance 2:46
Hetty’s stinginess takes off 3:50
The split up 5:59
Going even more frugal 6:40
She wore black for the rest of her life 8:00

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-Instead of playing with dolls, Hetty learned all about the stock market and business from the age of six. Hetty invested $1000 out of the $1,200 spending allowance she was given at 16 to mingle in New York society. She helped him manage the family business, and was becoming more and more of a financial guru.
-In 1865, Mr. Robinson passed away, leaving his daughter a million dollars and a trust fund of four million dollars. 5 years after her aunt had passed away, Hetty received around half a million dollars that she happily invested in “greenbacks” – bonds issued by the government.
-America’s wealthiest woman would bargain with shop owners over every price. She reused envelopes. When it got cold, she wouldn’t buy winter clothes, but wore layers of newspapers under her coat to keep herself warm. She refused to pay the bills from lawyers and doctors.
-Hetty was positive financial and family affairs were two completely different things and refused to do so. Her husband went bankrupt after she had refused to help him, and the couple split up.
-Hetty and her daughter moved from apartment to apartment since Hetty still feared someone was after her, trying to poison her. While the millionaire herself would normally have oatmeal or eggs, she’d always feed her dog good steak.
-After Edward passed away in 1902, she swore she would only wear black for the rest of her life. Some people believe the reason she did it was practical – black needs less cleaning than other colors.

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