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The Single Arm Cable Push with Weight Shift

Paul Chek Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
In this video I talk about a very common mistake people make when they’re performing the single-arm cable push exercise in the gym.

All too often, people aren’t using their legs or trunk effectively. Instead, their body weight and abdominal muscles are doing most of the work which puts a tremendous load on their shoulders.

This approach ignores my “big-to-little” rule: Whenever you’re doing an exercise, the biggest muscles should be doing the bulk of the work. Once you break the inertia of the load with bigger, stronger muscles, then you can control and accelerate the movement with the support of progressively smaller muscles.

For this exercise, instead of using your body weight and abs to do the work, you should be anchoring your body to the ground with 70 percent of your weight on your back foot and your front leg should be mobile, providing the additional 30 percent of the work.

You’ll initiate the move from the leg while keeping the cable close to your body, then the next biggest muscles - the thigh and glutes, then the trunk and finally the arm - as you move forward cleanly.

If you’re performing this exercise properly, at the end of the movement, you should be able to pick up your back leg without a problem, with 70 percent of the weight now on the front leg.

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