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THE TRUE MEANING OF WAR - Call of Duty WW2 Beta Game...

Datto Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Decided to hit up the new Call of Duty beta and surprised myself with this particular game with the Dream Team. We uhh, we were owning. Well, I was at least.

For anyone looking for a "how did you like the beta," kinda review from me, I don't really have one. A lot of CoD YTers seem to be really enjoying it and I would defer to those guys if you're looking for an opinion. The last time I played CoD seriously was Black Ops 2, many, many years ago. If I were to give thoughts, it would simply be: it's Call of Duty. You ever play Call of Duty before? It's like that. It is exactly like that.

For me, I never experienced these more crazy CoD games with the flying around and the jetpacks and all that other crazy stuff. My favorite CoD was Black Ops 1 and that was very much boots on the ground, nice range of weapons, very solid CoD experience. This felt along those lines, no crazy movement, killstreaks are priced a bit higher than I was used to so it's not very spammy, so... yeah, it's pretty focused on shooting guns at people.

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