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The Ultimate Korean Bibimbap and Attractions in Jeon...

Mark Wiens Follow
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  • 2 years ago
On Day 7 in South Korea, my wife and I were in Jeonju, South Korea. For lunch we had the ultimate version of Korean bibimbap, which is rice mixed salad, and a dish Jeonju is very famous for. For the remainder of the day, we visited some of the most famous attractions in Jeonju.

00:41 300Zip (삼백집) for breakfast - We woke up in the morning and started off the day with a trip to a famous restaurant called 300Zip (삼백집) to eat a Korean Jeonju dish called gukbap, which is a bean sprout and rice soup. The soup included rice, bean sprouts, eggs, sesame seeds, and some other small vegetables. Additionally it was served with another fried egg on the side. It was a soothing way to start the morning in Jeonju.

3:57 Lunch at Gajok Hoegwan (가족회관) - For lunch we went to this restaurant which is legendary in Jeonju for serving an original version of bibimbap, Korean mixed rice salad. The bibimbap cost 12,000 Won ($10.05) per person, and it included an unbelievable mixture of colorful toppings. I thought it was amazing to watch them making the bibimbap, all within brass personal pans, heated on the stove at just the right temperature, and all the ingredients delicately added to the bibimbap. It was one of the best versions of bibimbap I’ve ever had. It was so simple, yet because of the variety of ingredients and the combination, that’s what made it complex.

10:51 Jeonju Hanok Village - One of the most famous things to do in Jeonju is to walk around the Jeonju Hanok Village, the old village of the city. It’s one of the main attractions that people from all over Korea come to see and experience. There are many things to do within the Jeonju Hanok Village including lots of snacks and restaurants, a hand made paper factory, all sorts of museums, and a number of shrines. Another one of the highlights of visiting the hanok village is to get dressed up in traditional Korean hanbok clothing, and walk around and take photos. So Ying and I rented costumes and walked around. The best Korean snack I had while walking around the village was an skewer of grilled octopus covered in cheese. I never thought the combination would go together so well, but somehow it worked really well.

23:18 Gyodong Tteokgalbi (교동 떡갈비) Restaurant - For dinner we ate at a restaurant within the Jeonju Hanok Village known for serving tteokgalbi, which is a Korean dish of minced short ribs, marinated and grilled on your tabletop. It was my first time to have this Korean dish, and along with all the different side dishes and vegetables, it was delicious.

Day 7 in Korea was an amazing day of visiting attractions in Jeonju and eating one of the most complex and delicious bowls of Korean bibimbap that I’ve ever tried.

*Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs.

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