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The ULTIMATE Skinny Fat Solution: Lose the Fat, Gain...

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  • 8 years ago
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Skinny Fats are the result of either improper nutrition, yo-yo dieting, poor training over the years or bad genetics. It's the perfect shit storm. If you are staring into the shit abyss wondering what to do, fear not, we're going to fix it today.

1. Stop Yo-YOING With Your Diet
There is no such thing as a bulk or cut anymore for you. Constantly going back and forth between two goals can REALLY mess with your hormones. You are going to slowly accumulate size and eat to fuel your work outs. This means eat a healthy sizeable amount, at least 2500-3000 calories to start, spread out over 5 meals.

2. Forget about abs
The #1 thing I hear is "my abs are covered by this tiny layer of fat...how do I get rid of the fat"? The answer is that your metabolism is so fucked up that getting those abs are out of question for now. Eating less will just make the problem worse. You need to boost your metabolism and focus on building lean muscle. With a faster metabolism, when you lean out after over a year, it'll come MUCH faster. So think lean size will get you abs in a years time.

3. Fuel your workouts
Carbs should be cycled for everyone that doesn't have good genetics. The simplest way to do this is to eat carbs in conjunction with training. If you are training harder you eat more carbs, if you don't workout you eat less carbs.

Hard Training Day= 1.5 gram per pound of bodyweight of carbs
Normal Training Day= 1 gram per pound of bodyweight of carbs
Off/ Light Training Day= 0.5 gram per pound of bodyweight of carbs

4. Focus on performance
Instead of looking yourself in the mirror every day judging your body, look at the numbers in the gym. Seek to get better and I GUARANTEE your body will look better. Ditch the scale and instead record the numbers you lift.

5. Don't over exert your CNS, dominate the gym
When I say kick some ass in the gym I don't mean over training until you are crying in a corner. Only lift weights you can dominate. Skinny fat individuals do NOT have a primed central nervous system, meaning they are NOT efficient at recruiting muscle fibres. The quick fix is a high volume of exercise. Stick to compound movements and never execute a set where you cannot complete a rep or go to failure. It will perpetually fatigue your nervous system. I'm not saying being a wuss, but don't pop a blood vessel on the calf machine.

With these five tips, give it a year of solid training and I guarantee being skinny fat will be a thing of the past. Pass this video around like an STD so everyone can see whats up with the whats up. And now I want to hear from YOU, what should my next video be about?

Post below and I'll make that video!

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