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The Worst Kids Toys Ever Created

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  • 4 years ago
These are some of the worst and most shocking ideas for children's toys ever.
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When it comes to playing with toys, we all have that magical memory of playing with our favorite toy and how age appropriate it was. Well, maybe we don’t remember the latter, since children are usually rather innocent and don’t tend to think corruptly. But if you’re a parent or has ever watched over a child, keeping their psychological innocence is a pretty big deal. What may seem like an innuendo or a sexual reference in one thing could go completely over a child’s head. However, there are some toys that were released that were definitely not age appropriate, and we’re not talking in terms of safety. Sometimes with these toys, especially the ones in this video, you have to wonder exactly what was going through the company’s mind when they put the toy on the market. Surely it cost them more money to recall the product than to put it on the shelf in the first place. Here are some of the worst kid toys that were ever created.
For example, the Superman Snuggle Pillow had a rather odd feature of having a blow hole over Superman’s mouth that was reminiscent to a blowup doll that you would find in an erotic store. What made manufacturers move forward with this pillow idea remains a mystery that has yet to be discovered. But the pillow was recalled and re-released with no blowhole feature. The next “bad idea” kid toy was a Monkey Obama doll that raised questions about racial sensitivity and whether or not people felt that it was right that Obama was being compared to a monkey. The doll was pulled from the shelves, as it was on the market during his first Presidential campaign.
The next horrible kid toy is the Batman Water Pistol. You had to fill the water up from a plug located on Batman’s butt, and then the trigger to shoot the water was located where Batman’s real trigger would be located. How this product was cleared to be sold, we’ll never know. Speaking of playing with a trigger, the Barbie Corporation released a pregnant Barbie, using teen doll Midge as the subject. Woops. Perhaps if Mattel used an adult Barbie instead of a teenager, and was married, then maybe there wouldn’t have been such a big upset. Along the same lines, Marvel released a Wolverine Hammer that was inflatable, but the hole to blow up the hammer lined up with an image of Wolverine and looked like you were literally “blowing” Wolverine.
If celebrating the death of over 1500 men, women, and children, sounds like a festive addition to your child’s party, then definitely get the Titanic water slide. The slide made headlines and made people question just how politically correct it was to have a slide that looked like the ill-fated Titanic.
Among other kid toys that were completely wrong was the Harry Potter vibrating broomstick, which was a phallic object that vibrated that is supposed to go in between your legs, as well as the dong slide, which really looked like a dong. The company that rented the dong slide out tried to argue that it was train, but it looks absolutely nothing like a train!
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