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Things Haters Say (+ Hater Quotes)

UhOhBro Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
A lot of people have haters, duh. A lot of those same people think they have haters because they're jealous, no. Just no. People most often get hate because they in some way triggered it. You say things people like, they'll often praise you. You say things people hate? They'll often do the opposite.

I'm not so much speaking of the majority of people in general as most people don't care enough about internet drama or fandom either way. But those who do participate, can often both love and hate. Let's not pretend we're just fantastic people who are envied by everyone, if you feel that way, you're on a fast track to getting a hate load.

This video was intended to be about things haters say and hater quotes but wound up being much more about people trying to convince themselves haters are just jelly. Pretty egotistical :P Been there, felt that, grew up.

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