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Things to do in China Travel Guide: Guangxi Province...

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  • 5 years ago
Things to do in China Travel Guide: Guangxi Province (Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River, Rice Terraces) playlist:

1) A tour of Yangshuo night life including visiting a night market and eating Chinese street food (阳朔夜市和街头食品) China
2) Red Yao Hill Tribe Long Hair Performance at Lonji Longsheng Rice Terrace in Guilin, China (瑤族 - 瑶族) (龙胜梯田 - 龍勝梯田)
3) Li River Bamboo Boat Cruise down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, China (Lijiang: 从桂林到阳朔漓江竹游船)
4) Hiking up Longsheng Rice Terraces (Longji Dragon's Backbone) in Guilin, China (龙胜梯田 - 龙脊梯田)
5) Bicycle ride around scenic rural and countryside areas just outside of Yangshuo, China (骑自行车在阳朔乡间)
6) A tour around Guilin, China at night including night markets, street food, pagodas and lakes 晚上桂林
7) Taking the train in China from Hong Kong to Guangzho en route to Guilin travel video

So tonight is our very last night in Yangshuo, a charming little town in Southwestern China, so we're going to show you around the main strip.
So our first stop is going to be the street food market. I haven't eaten in maybe two hours, so it's time to get a snack.
If I had to choose between Guilin and Yangshuo the two most popular cities in this region it's definitely Yangshuo. It's a more historic town. It's a lot more pedestrian friendly and there are great
As we were wandering around the night market tonight we had lots of people come up to us and ask to take photos beside us. At least probably four or five times and we finally filmed the last one. It was really cool. We were like celebrities in China. Yeah, almost famous.
So, this market had some pretty cool souvenirs. We saw fake Chinese passports if you want to take one of those home. They also had combs carved out of ox bone. They had these stamps where you can get your Chinese name carved on them and then you can just sign documents that way which is pretty cool.
Today we are visiting a local hill tribe that just lives a few hours outside of Guilin and we've come here because this community is known for the women's long hair. They grow it out and it's almost a meter and a half long and we're actually going to be watching a performance where they spin their hair and wrap it up and show us how they wear it.
Today we're in between Guilin and Yangshuo and we're doing a special river cruise down the Li River.
So this tour is going to be an hour and a half long and we're going to get to enjoy some pretty stunning landscapes, so I'm pretty excited about it.
When I came here two years ago it was hazy and foggy. Now it's a gorgeous glorious day.
Here we are at the Longji Rice Fields which are located just outside of Guilin. We've had such good luck. Check out the weather and the views behind.
So we are hiking up to one of the viewing platforms. This is going to be tough because it's like forty degrees outside and we're been told it'll take 30 minutes to one hour depending on our pace. So I'm trying to stay hydrated. Audrey is going to have to workout
We've rented a couple of bikes and we've decided to spend our last morning exploring around the countryside areas of Yangshuo. They were pretty cheap. Just under two dollars for each bike.
So we finally made it to Guilin.
So this is the Guilin main square. It gets really busy here at night. Lots of shops, restaurants, eateries. You can do it all here.
Chinese singing.
So we are now at the lake and the main attraction are the these two pagodas that light up at night.
Background music playing.
Oh, that mapo tofu looks so good. Really generous sized portion.
Well, it's hard to believe but our time in Hong Kong has already expired. Today we're taking a train ride. Where are we going? We're crossing over into China.
We are in Guangzho. Apparently there are two train stations. We arrived at the one that is on the East End of the City and we had to get across town to the other and it was difficult but we need to keep going.
So right now we are in Guangzho station waiting for our train to Guilin. And we happen to be waiting in the VIP room.
There is no tea in this tea room.
We're going to Guilin.
Uh, we're looking for number ten.
So we're in the dining cart now getting ready to have dinner. Let's see what is on the menu if we can even read it. We barely got a seat here.
Decision time. So we did manage to find an English menu which makes things a lot easier.
Fish one. Tofu with pork. One. Okay. Rice. One Rice? Okay. Beer. One. Okay. Ah, green tea - one. okay.
So this is the friend fish with a sweet and sour sauce.
Good morning. We are almost in Guilin. Our train has been delayed about an hour and a half.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network and Kevin Mcleod under a creative commons attribution 2.0 license.

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