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This is 27

ConnorFranta Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
New video from the birthday boy himself! I recorded a bunch of gorgeous scenery over the past month and decided to write a little something last night to play over it. Enjoy x
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I like to drink and I still don’t get hungover
Barely even blinked and it’s already October
Still looking for a man who wants me and not just for me to come over
There’s more to life than sex, don’t give me the cold shoulder
And, I’m sober

I walk around with this baby face
Nikes below a thrifted state tee
Hope that sentence paints a picture
Frankly, it feels like the only thing that would dare to date me

There’s squash in the oven and tofu on the stove
While people give thoughts and time to their enemies
I’ll share a meal my friends and hold them all close

My lungs are strong but my knees are weak
I’ve put down like 70 miles from running 7 days this week

I’ve lost sleep over climate change
I hypocritically say with my eyes behind the window of a 757 airplane

I’m finding it hard to keep up with all the global twists and turns
Strange forms of rage spun from the stock exchange,
minimum wage, policy change, kids in a cage
Why is the whole country a fucking shooting range??

Sometimes I just want to runaway
Be a lost boy, a stray, take my voice I’ve got nothing more to say
I really should shut the hell up, adopt a dog and leave one of these days
But that’s too easy, right?

In fact, It’s basically an expectation
I obsess over the little things
Get caught up in these quick flings
My heads spinning over a calendar lacking saturation
Too busy or not busy enough
Doesn’t matter, this is probably a simulation

Half the time I’m bored way too easy
If I had a dime for every night I laughed then cried
I’d buy a second home along the coast of some city in Italy
I’m the epitome of don’t pity me

Grass doesn’t have to be greener on your neighbors lawn
Welcome to the human experience
take a seat, enjoy the ride along

This is 27.
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Have a great week everyone x
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