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Time Magazine: "600 round magazines for as low as $2...

MattV2099: Guns & Food Follow
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  • 8 years ago
Time Magazine: "600 round magazines for as low as $25.95", The Gunfighters. January 26, 2013

These videos are making fun of Time Magazine who reported the existence of 600 round magazines. In the January 28th issue of Time Magazine titled "The Gunfighters," Time magazine reported that 600 round magazines where available for as low as $25.95. Several videos were made about this by myself. This videos were rather popular at the time with the 600 round clip vid chugging along very will to this day.. However you can check out the playlist below to see the other funny vids that were not as popular as that one!. For those of you that cannot tell, these are comedy. I am not trying to trick into believing 600 round magazines exist (600 round assault clips). That's what many seem to think. Perhaps they should start reading descriptions. The title of this playlist is is: 600 Round Assault Clip for $25.95 Thank you for watching.

Check out the 600 round clip playlist!

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