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Tomba! Game Sample - Playstation

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Original Air Date: June 13th, 2009

Yup. We uploaded the opening for this game a long time ago and this game is THE most discussed video in our channel... given that and how great the game is as a whole, I think wherever the creators of Tomba/Tombi are now, they just need to get back together and make another Tomba game. Seriously.

Tomba! has become a cult classic and it's one of the most sought after games for the Playstation, but due to its fairly limited print run, there aren't enough copies to go around. The supply versus the demand has driven the price of this game up considerably. You'll be pretty lucky if you find English copies of either Tomba! or Tomba! 2 complete online for under $50.

Tomba! is an action/adventure/platformer/puzzler/RPG hybrid, and a great one at that. It's so unique and yet so easy to pick-up and play that there really isn't anything else quite like it on Playstation, other than its sequel.

What other series has you play with a boy with pink hair who swings a non-threatening hammer at pigs and can stuff an inventory of goodies inside his stomach? The great visuals with the 2D/3D elements and various perspectives, fluid framerate and fun gameplay with over 100 events you can do is sure to keep you busy. You will travel through a large world doing all sorts of crazy things and learning all kinds of abilities in a most humorous manner (EX: Bite dwarves to understand their unique language) and becoming ever-stronger so you can get your grandpa's gold bracelet back. Classic.


Note: It's been added to the PSN Store!


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