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Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Live

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  • 6 years ago
What are the most expensive cities in the world?
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If you’re human, you’ve probably found yourself fantasizing and dreaming about living someplace else around the world. We all dream about leaving our hometowns, hopping on a plane, and just starting over. How refreshing are dreams such as these? Unfortunately, picking up your life and moving isn’t always the wisest decision. For one, if you live someplace where the cost of living is relatively lower, then moving might be a rude awakening. When it comes to living in other places, you have to take the city’s economy into consideration. Can you find a job there that will support your lifestyle, let alone pay your rent? It’s starting to sound like you’re about to run into the same problems that you had in your old town.
But living in some of the most expensive places in the world isn’t all bad. In fact, most of these places are some of the coolest cities in the world. Take Paris, France for example. Yeah, you’re going to be spending a pretty euro on a few hundred feet of living space, but you’re also living in Paris. This city has such historical and artistic significance that all of your friends and family back home will be envious of your life. Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few European cities that are the most expensive in the world such as Copenhagen, Denmark, where the local lager will cost more than a fancy meal. There is also Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland, and Oslo, Norway. In cities such as these, not only do you have the tourism bringing in money to the towns, but also politics, which tends to jack up the local prices quite a bit.
If the European way of life isn’t your style, then perhaps Tokyo, Japan is an option. Granted, the cost of living in Tokyo is really high, but you’d also be living in the technology capital of the world. Tokyo always has something exciting going on in terms of tech, as well as anime, gaming, art, and more. Not to mention that Tokyo also has quite the historical significance! Just a plane ride away is also Singapore, which is possible the most expensive place to live in the world. Renting alone will cost you over $5000, but you have a pretty good chance of finding a job that will support the lifestyle. In most cases, the cost of living will usually have a job market that will support you and help you be able to afford the extraordinary prices.
But if the Asian cities aren’t your thing, then heading down under to Australia will take you to not one, but two expensive cities; Sydney and Melbourne. These are the two biggest cities in Australia, as well as the most expensive. Granted, the rest of Australia is mainly desert, and the more you move inward, the cheaper it gets, and for good reason.
If you don’t believe us when we make these declarations, then check out the video and see what the indexes are for cost of living. It will both shock you, and perhaps even intrigue you to move forward with your relocation a new life, albeit an expensive one.

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