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Top 3 Otterbox iPhone 11 Cases? - NEW Commuter vs De...

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  • 3 months ago
Looking for the right Otterbox case for your iPhone 11, 11 Pro or Pro Max? Is it going to be the re-designed Otterbox Commuter, the Otterbox Strada, the Otterbox Symmetry, the Otterbox Clear Symmetry, Otterbox Defender or Otterbox Defender Pro, the Otterbox Lumen or the Otterbox Otter-Pop?

Here’s are the power rankings for Otterbox’s iPhone 11 Cases.

1. Otterbox Otter-Pop
2. Otterbox Strada Folio
3. Otterbox Defender Pro
4. Otterbox Commuter (new design)
5. Otterbox Defender
6. Otterbox Symmetry
7. Otterbox Symmetry Clear
8. Otterbox Lumen

Get the Otterbox Otter Pop on Amazon!
Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2MwsPCm
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/35mEhJm
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2OxQp4p
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/30YO98Q

Or see what Otterbox cases your Amazon store has:

Get the Otterbox Cases on Amazon!
Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2OyrzBj
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/31ZDBYl
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2OEFwO6
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/2p9KCHq

For the 2019 iPhone 11’s, Otterbox has changed their lineup a bit. Here are cases that didn’t make the iPhone 11 cut?

Otterbox Pursuit
Otterbox Traction
Otterbox Figura
Ottewrbox Vue
Otterbox Statement

So let’s get on with the rankings. #8 Goes to the Otterbox Lumen.

8. Otterbox Lumen (3.5)
-Above average handling

-Adds a bit of bulk to the iPhone

Otterbox Lumen is a bulky case but is a bit more manageable than the Otterbox Symmetry in one hand but the buttons aren’t as responsive as they are on the Otterbox Symmetry.

7. Otterbox Symmetry Clear (3.7) and 6. Symmetry (3.8)
-Great buttons
-Lots of different designs

-Slick back

The Otterbox Symmetry was reborn last year. Otterbox made the case thinner by removing the shock-absorbing TPU liner on the back and greatly improved the buttons. The back just doesn’t feel stable in our hand and that feeling gets worse with the bigger iPhones.

The Symmetry Clear is one of the alternatives we would look at if you’re thinking about buying Apple’s terrible clear case. It has a similar scratch resistant PC back which will show wear and tear a little slower than other cases.

5. Otterbox Defender (3.9)
-You know it’s going to protect your iPhone
-Covers most of the iPhone
-No plastic screen protector/no screen damage
-Has a belt clip

-No screen protector

The Otterbox Defender is a known quantity. If you need a tough case that can take a beating, go with the Otterbox Defender. Between the 2018 and 2019 versions, Otterbox has removed the Apple logo cutout on the back of the case so it’s all TPU and your index finger loses it’s little home.

4. Otterbox Commuter (3.9)
-Improved design (won’t slide around easily)
-Decent buttons
-Handles better than the Otterbox Symmetry
-Dust cover on Lightning port

-Bulkier than the Otterbox Symmetry
-Dust might be an issue around the buttons

Otterbox went and updated the Commuter for the 2019 iPhones. There are two big differences between the old Otterbox Commuter and the new Otterbox Commuter. First of all the old commuter followed the shape of the iPhone whereas the new Otterbox Commuter is much boxier. The second difference is that Otterbox added a cutout for some of the TPU on the back so the case doesn’t slide around as easily. 

3. Otterbox Defender Pro (3.9)
-It’s everything good about the regular Defender
-Anti-bacterial coating

-Has everything bad about the regular Defender.

The Defender Pro looks almost identical to the regular Defender, even more without the Apple Logo cutout. The biggest difference between the Pro and regular is the antibacterial feature on the TPU as well as the upgraded texture. 

2. Otterbox Strada (4.3)
-Magnetic latch
-Very Protective

-Only holds 1-2 cards
-Bulky as a wallet case
-Sleep button is a little tough

The Otterbox Strada is a tough, on-the-go wallet case. The version that we have for the iPhone 11 features slightly more distressed leather but other than that, Otterbox Strada hasn’t changed from the previous version. The standout feature of the Otterbox Strada is the magnetic latch.

1. Otter-Pop (4.1)
-Comes with a PopSocket

-Adds a bit of bulk to the iPhone
-PopSocket still gets caught on pockets

The Otterbox Otter-Pop is the most useful case in this list for the average person.
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