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Top 5 : Batman Villains of All Time

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  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
In anticipation of Arkham Knight, we've compiled a list dedicated to the greatest Batman villains of all time. A good villain is about more than just how much screen time or integration they get, the background and cause of the character are what really paint the picture.

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What is Batman: Arkham Knight?

The Arkham series is an action-adventure, free-roam sandbox set of games based on the DC Comics version of the superhero, Batman. In the city of Gotham, Batman is faced by the regular franchise villians Bane, Catwoman, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Copperhead, Red Hood, The Riddler, The Scarecrow, and Two-Face.

The game is known for its darker, grittier atmosphere when compared to more light-hearted movies and comics. Arkham Knight is set for release in 2015.

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