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Touki Denshou Angel Eyes [闘姫伝承エンジェルアイズ] Game Sample ...

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  • 5 years ago

NOTE: Some videos in this channel will now have "Standard Versions" and "60FPS Versions" now. Angel Eyes is the first video to test YouTube's new 60FPS HD option in our channel. To use it though, you must (currently) use Google Chrome as your browser and change the quality from 240p or whatever you have it set to something like "720p60". For other users on other browsers, we have used our more traditional video methods and have the standard versions. Only videos that truly warrant it will have 60FPS versions; games that are usually very fluid in motion or fast paced. Links to the standard version of a video will be in the 60FPS version video and vice versa.

NOW THAT I said all that for the first time, Angel Eyes is an unusual 2D all-girl fighter from Tecmo that gained some popularity in Japan at the time. With all the other all-girl fighters around like Seifuku Densetsu, Metal & Lace, Asuka 120%, Variable Geo, so on and so forth, Angel Eyes was not bad and it was something different...even if the things that made it more interesting might have served as a con rather than a pro to the people playing it at the time.

You see, Angel Eyes is a sort of mixed bag of concepts and ideas, met with some fair execution; it is not flawless, but it was a "doable" system...the music is perhaps the only thing that is more or less regular. Graphically, the game is mixed, using both 2D and (what appears to be) 3D pre-rendered characters in battles...it's just as weird as it sounds. The anime art is very nice.

The backgrounds also are mixed...some are okay, while others just look tossed together (like a stage with a rotating thing in the back that might have 2 or 3 frames of animation). The 2D characters...well, a couple of them (Raiya, the "main character" of sorts in particular and perhaps Mysterious Power) animate very well...in Raiya's case, perhaps TOO well; she looks VERY busy. People like Lina animate very well during attack sequences, despite the pre-rendered look. It's very bizarre...and that (for me) helps make the game stick out in my mind among other fighters within the same timeframe.

The gameplay is mixed too; the damage output is very high (at least in the arcade version), even on the lightest setting, where on normal terms, a normal 7-9 hit combo chain can near-kill an opponent. Some of the attack mechanics of some characters could have been tweaked some too...but the game does have a cool enough combo system where you can chain together multiple attacks like you would in a game like Darkstalkers. As I am probably running out of text, you can see some more here:


Angel Eyes "60FPS HD" video:

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