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Trap door water slide: Ihu's Breakaway Falls at SeaW...

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  • 3 years ago
Remember those fun rides which make you scream like a little kid at amusement parks? If you really enjoy the not-to-pee-in-pants challenge, check out these exciting rides! TomoNews presents to you world’s scariest amusement rides around the world! Enjoy!

1. This is Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Orlando’s newest and scariest water slide, located inside Seaworld’s Aquatica water park.

2. The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster is being called the world's tallest and fastest water slide, and the Kansas City waterpark company building it claims it will shatter existing world records.

3. The Verrückt in Kansas City's Schlitterbahn Water Park is expected to be the tallest, fastest, steepest and probably the scariest waterslide in the world. Riders drop from about 17 storeys up, and after plunging almost 90 degrees down a slope, they are then propelled up a five storey camelback hill using Schlitterbahn's Master Blaster system before racing down the other side and hitting a straight before eventually cruising to a halt.

4. New Jersey’s Action Park is bringing back the 360-degree vertical-loop water slide with Sky Caliber, the first freefall and only true looping waterslide.

5. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom features three no-floor gondolas that drop more than 400 feet in just 10 seconds.

6. The UK is hoping to spruce up its beach resort town of Brighton by building the world’s first vertical cable car.

7. The South Korean government has approved a proposal from a US based firm, GDS Architects to build the world's first 'invisible' skyscraper near Seoul's Incheon International Airport.

8. London’s ‘Mail Rail,’ a relic of life in early 20th century England, is scheduled to be re-invented as a tourist ride by 2020.

9. The electric skateboards whiz through traffic and reach speeds up to 22 miles per hour

10. A 1000-foot slip ’n slide is coming to downtown Los Angeles, much to the dismay of many of the cities eco-conscious residents.

11. The amazing water slide measures 1,975 feet in length. Modified snowmakers continuously pour water to facilitate sliding speeds reaching up to 40 miles per hour. Jimi Hunt says he created the slide to promote his charity, Live More Awesome.

12. The Zero Gravity Corporation has announced the world’s cheapest ZeroG flights.

13. According to XCOR Aerospace, the first launch should take place in the next six to 18 months.

14. For $75,000, space tourism company World View will be launching passengers 30 km into space by air balloon for a two-hour view of the earth's curve.

15. Japanese start-up Cocoa Motors plans to release the world’s first portable electric vehicle, the ‘Walkcar’

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