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Traphik- Chocolate Rain (remix)

Timothy DeLaGhetto Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
haha now you know i had to do one, too!

I move away from the mic to breathe in again
Let my brain connect it from my tongue to the pen
It's the chocolate rain that got me all mixed up in the head
The chocolate rain that got me shakin wakin up in my bed
I never left the devil but he stays on my back
So I spill out all my fears out when im lacin a track
So when you playin it back, you should play it reversed
Cuz what im sayin aint no game and its remaining a curse
You could remain in a hurse, or take my hand to the land
Of milk n honey makin money cuz im takin a stand
So if u shakin my hand then you shakin the spot
The new additions what you missin and im makin it hot
It's the chocolate rain gotchu wantin the fame
Now you rock a chain talking bout you poppin them things
Stay dropping the names man, Stop wit the games,
Better watch it for you end up just like pac in the game

Now it's epic as I step into a world full of hate
I'm just speakin what im thinking in this global debate
Nobody listen they just pissin on the side of the street
tryin not run away though he provided the beat
I hope I die in my sleep cuz I can't take the pain
that be drippin as im slippin in this chocolate rain
it's like I'm stopping a train spill my brains on a track
every mistake I ever make I still be playin it back
no regrets, cuz I learn and keep it pushin and movin
I got the fire and so im burnin and I keep on pursuin
But yet and still we get the pills and try to forget
People getting killed in burnin buildings this is the threat
It's the chocolate rain, that be floodin the streets
when you wake up in a cold sweat wit blood in the sheets
might be a thug in the streets, but you aint taklin the same
somebody call the police now they chalkin ya frame

the melancholy mundane of the chocolate rain
gotchu climbin up the waterspout and fallin again
even a ball and chain wouldn't be slowin me down
I keep it street like concrete, the beat holdin me down
Swim in juice and jin and im hopin I don't drown
Ascendin from the heavins just watch as I float down
Y'all livin with no sound I'm bangin the door down
keep my heart up in the steet, so you hearin the floor pound
infinite and beyond, ya sendin me I'll be gone
sellin souls for a livin just like Al B on
married with children, ya bury ya children
before you even know the chocolate rain is what killed em
and now don't ya feel dumb, a baby and real young
wanna play ya own cards when it's the devil that deals em
so don't run and don't hide, cuz theres nothing to gain
don't let it wetchu it'll getchu its that chocholate rain
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