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Travel Guide to Maui, Hawaii | TheExpeditioner

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  • 4 years ago
In this travel video guide to Maui, Hawaii, I travel to Maui and start off by heading to Haleakalā National Park to watch the sunrise from the highest volcano in Maui. On this part of the island, clouds form at the base of the volcano, and as the sun rises, a myriad of colors form and provide an unforgettable visual experience.

Next I throw on a wet suit and hit the waves to learn how to surf -- my first time ever. Though I've ridden the New York City subway after happy hour before, I was still a little unsure about how my balance would be on a surfboard. Luckily, the surf instructor had a black labrador dog out on her board with us in case anything went terribly wrong.

Finally, I wrap up the day by heading to the beach with a ukulele to have a jam session with a local Maui resident and ukulele player, where we jam out to some Bob Marley as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, framed by the nearby islands of Moloka'i and Lana'i.

I then travel to Paia, the small, laid-back beach town on the northern coast of Maui, to track down the famed breakfast dish called the Loco Moco (rice, brown gravy and a hamburger patty topped with a fried egg).

Next I head north on the Hana Highway and take a hike into the lush forest to take a dip at Twin Falls, a small water hole in the middle of the forest fed by two island waterfalls. If this isn't classic Hawaii, then I don't know what is.

After picking up my friends at the airport, we jump onto a helicopter(!) to take an aerial tour of Maui and nearby Moloka'i. From this vantage point we visit dramatic sea cliffs up close and explore the interior portions of the islands -- places that few people ever see.

I started off my third day there by heading back up the side of Haleakala Volcano, then lunging my body of the side of the hillside (okay, I was paragliding). As I floated thousands of feet above ground, I was given a unique viewpoint of the island, and even lived to tell about it (and make this video).

Next I head out onto the open water on a sailing outrigger canoe (a canoe with a lateral support on its side in traditional Polynesian fashion), and take to the water to go snorkeling, which included a couple sea turtle sightings.

I then finish up the day with fish tacos at Coconut's (which, to this day, are probably some of the best fish tacos I've ever had), and shave ice for dessert, the classic Hawaii dessert consisting of shaved ice inundated with flavored syrups.

I decide to get a little high culture in and head to Ulupalakua Winery and Ranch, where I sample some pineapple wine (what else?), then head across the street to the Western-themed country store for elk burgers for lunch.

Then I pick up my friends and head north to Honolua Bay to hike in the nearby forest (and maybe get lost a bit), then visit a hillside that overlooks Honolua Bay, where you can park your car and watch some of the best surfers in the world who come here to surf one of the world's best surfing spots.

Finally, I travel to the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm, Maui's premiere (and only goat farm), where I am put to work feeding and milking the goats, and rewarded with an artisanal goat cheese tasting.

Then, with my trip coming to a close, I head to the nondescript restaurant Da Kitchen, one of the best places to try out classic Hawaiian cuisine, including Kahlua Pork, Teriyaki Chicken and of course, Spam.

Finally, I wrap up by providing my thoughts about the island. Be forewarned, sentimentality and reflection ensue.
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